Freddie For A Day: Honoring Freddie Mercury On His 72nd Birthday

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It is impossible to deny that Freddie Mercury has had a lasting impact on rock music and the music industry, which continues to this day. From ballads to hard rock to opera, Mercury wrote and sang songs that would appeal to everyone. The day he died, a hole was left in the music industry that has never been quite filled. His fans continue to honor him by being Freddie For A Day (FFAD).

Started in 2010 by the Mercury Phoenix Trust, FFAD is the day for Queen fans and Freddie Mercury cosplayers to celebrate the singer’s life while raising money and awareness for AIDS research.

Every year on Sept. 5 (Mercury’s birthday), people are encouraged to be “Freddie For A Day.” This means going to any one of numerous events, dressing like Mercury, or simply wearing a moustache. Some people are sponsored to dress in full Freddie garb, with the money going to the Mercury Phoenix Trust to be distributed to AIDS researchers.

How will you celebrate?

Check out for a list of events and other information!


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