Dear Matt Cohen, Richard Speight, Jr. and Rob Benedict: Our Birthday Gift to You

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Pops made by Liz, @Little_Pop_Work
Pops made by Liz, @Little_Pop_Work

If you missed it, earlier last month we started a birthday project for Matt Cohen, Richard Speight, Jr. and Rob Benedict, to celebrate their birthdays! The three have birthdays all within the month of September, and since they’re some of our favorites and have always been incredibly kind to us, as well as fans around the fandom, we wanted to do something special for them.

We asked everyone to donate to three charities for each of the men; Random Acts for Matt, Feeding America for Rich, and National Stroke Association for Rob. Together, $1,760 was raised for charity!

Thank you to everyone who participated and donated!

Here are the winners for the prize packs:

Rob’s prize pack: Kelli L.

Rich’s prize pack: Victoria G.

Matt’s prize pack: Daria Z.

Supernatural prize pack: Karyl F.

Below, is an open letter directed towards the three, as we finally close out the project.

Dear Matt, Rob, and Rich,

Happy Birthday.

As our small token of appreciation, we asked for our staff, readers, and fans of yours to donate directly to charities we thought would mean the most to you. The charities were: Matt (Random Acts), Rob (National Stroke Association) and Rich (Feeding America).

The staff pooled our resources, and we came up with four prize packs to give away to those who donated, which will be given away to four random donors. Items included custom Pop figures that one of our Directors, Liz, built with your answers during some of our interviews about what your lightsaber colors would be, so you were all made into Jedis, as well as other amazing items from artists around the fandom.

So.. here’s the totals of what we raised (our goals were $500 for each charity!).

$1,760 was raised for charity.

For Matt: $535 was raised for Random Acts in honor of your birthday.
For Rob: $685 was raised for the National Stroke Association in honor of your birthday.
For Rich: $540 was raised for Feeding America in honor of your birthday.

Love, the entire Nerds and Beyond Staff (Briar, Kayla, Alana, Liz, Emily, Becky, Tricia, Nicole, Ciree, Brianna, Deb, Gisselle, Kailey, Heather, Melanie, Crystal, Hailee, Marg, Em, Sarah, Tanya, Kari and Finn.)

And the many donors who donated to wish you a happy birthday!:
Mary M., Judy B., Nicky H., Janessa H., Charlotte B., Jana K., Katie M., Anika B.,, Carsten K., Chloé C., Erika S., Jackie L., Daria Z., Beth V., Angelina S., Angelique P., Inés F., Gabrielle E., Amy A., Velda M., Nancy D., Shelby T., Stephanie S., Heather L., Melanie B., Emma H., Nicole, Vanessa Q., Rachel J., Lauren W., Cate F., Breanna D., Catherine G., Muriel F., Nancy M., Tricia A., Hope S., Kaity B., Em R., Barb J., Alisa K., Natasha L., Karyl F., Kelli L., Bev B., Emily B., Sarah R., Nicole B., Lada B., Sarah W., AJ H., Victoria G, Michael T.

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