Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Louden Swain Reveals Songs on Acoustic Album “Splitting The Seams”

BILLY MORANLouden Swain Reveals Songs on Acoustic Album "Splitting The Seams"
Courtesy of Tree People’s Instagram

Louden Swain performed at “Once Upon A Canyon Night” tonight in Los Angeles, and were playing a few of the songs that they said would be included on their upcoming acoustic album, titled “Splitting The Seams”!

They revealed that the following songs will be on their acoustic album:

  • Overachiver
  • CA Nation
  • Too Far Away (new song)
  • Rock Song
  • Silverspoon
  • All I Need
  • Big One
  • Mama’s Jam

This isn’t the complete list, but just a few ones that they mentioned and played at the show. Stay tuned for more coverage from the event!

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