‘Uncharted’: Nathan Fillion as Nathan Drake

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Uncharted is a third-person action video game from Naughty Dog that can be played on Sony PlayStation. The series currently has four video games, a few motion comics, a comic book and a board game. It follows Nathan Drake, a world travelling treasure hunter who unearths possessions from history long thought to be lost.

On July 16 Allan Ungar posted Uncharted – Live Action Fan Film on YouTube with Nathan Fillion playing the role of Nathan Drake. The role of Nathan Drake is one Fillion has wanted to play, as stated in his Instagram post. To date, the film has over 3 million views.

At first glance, it was as if you were looking at Captain Malcolm Reynolds from FireFly. (Fillion is great at comedic action roles.) You may also recognize Sully played by Stephen Lang (Terra Nova, Salem & Avatar) and El Tirgre played by Ernie Reyes Jr. (Ninja Turtles 2, Surf Ninjas). The 15-minute short film was full of comedic banter that will have you laughing and action moments like jumping out of a window.  During parts of the film the way the camera would go to over-the-shoulder, and the quick tight angles gave it that first-person video game feeling.

After watching the short film, it left me wanting the full-length movie or TV series.

Watch the fan film below!


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