Jensen Ackles Teases Time Jump for ‘Supernatural’ Season 14

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Jensen Ackles, star of Supernatural, sat down with TV Insider’s Damian Holbrook at San Diego Comic Con to discuss the longevity of Supernatural, season 14 and to answer some rapid-fire questions.

Jensen and Damian begin by talking about how long it takes to binge the entire series of Supernatural (a long time) and what it is like when you have been on the same show for going on fourteen seasons.

On how the show has lasted over a decade, Jensen says:

“Recently I went back and watched the pilot episode, our very first episode of Supernatural, and I’m not just saying this, but it still holds up. It was just a well-crafted, well-written show. Kudus to Eric Kripke and David Nutter who put those things together. They certainly built a platform for us to do what we’ve done for thirteen seasons.”

When asked about how he and Jared Padalecki stay so level-headed and normal after being on such a long-running show, Jensen quips that it is “Canada…and good Canadian food.” He goes on to say that the two stars just try to remain focused, keep their heads down, and continue to work hard. Jensen also talks about how he and Jared are like brothers in real life, jokingly saying that there might have been a separation at birth.

The one teaser for the anticipated fourteenth season of Supernatural that Jensen was able to share was,

“I will say that we pick up not exactly where we left off. Some time has past, and that time that has past will certainly come into play as the season moves forward.”

For the rapid-fire questions, Jensen reveals what song best describes his character, what Netflix show he is currently binging and if he would survive a zombie apocalypse. He also shares who his last text message was to (hint: Jared Padalecki) and what it said!

To finish out the interview, Jensen shared one thing to drive fans crazy:

“I was sad about certain things that happened at the end of last season because I thought it was closing a chapter on certain things. Not so fast.”

Thanks for driving us nuts Jensen!

Watch the videos of the interviews here:

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