Win… Misha’s J.U.N.K?

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GISH said it first.

In a post bursting with the kind of puns we’ve come to expect from the comedic geniuses behind GISH, it was announced earlier today that if you Join The Hunt or Donate a GISHolorship you could be one of three winners to get up close and personal with Misha Collins’ J.U.N.K.

J.U.N.K., of course, is short for Jumble of Unexpectedly Nifty Keepsakes, and in the words of GISH, it includes the following:

  • Apple iPad – Just like everything else about Misha’s JUNK, it’s full size!
  • Apple Pencil — For all your doodles & masterpieces.
  • Netflix for a Year — 12 whole months of streaming entertainment.
  • Han Solo Ice Tray: — Yep… This package brings the Netflix AND the chill.
  • Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Instant Camera — Pics or it didn’t happen.
  • T-Rex Costume —  Some people are into that. We don’t judge.
  • Selfie Toaster — Sure, he may not be on any flatbread, but he COULD be on toast… and now, so can you.
  • Disappearing Misha Sequin Pillow — Dream fuel or nightmare fuel? It’s up to you. Either way, yes, it’s as terrifyingly amazing as it sounds.
  • Tiny Violin — To hold pity parties for everyone else who didn’t win.
  • Misha’s Chapstick — Unused (Obviously.) Flavor TBD.
  • Hand-signed sympathy card from Misha — Laced with just the right amount of schadenfreude to soothe your GISH suffering.
  • Sock Monkey Hat Prototype — One hat to inspire them all.

If you click the links above you’ll be brought to several pages with more information on each item included with Misha’s J.U.N.K., but we think our favorite is either “the tiny violin to hold pity parties for everyone else who didn’t win” or the “Disappearing Misha Sequin Pillow” (which weirdly looks a lot like Nicholas Cage)…

All jokes aside, the most priceless item on the list for any GISH fan is undoubtedly the hand-signed sympathy card from Misha, which will be well-earned by everybody who participates by the end of the Hunt!

Remember, in order to be entered into a draw for one of three chances to win Misha’s J.U.N.K., sign up for the hunt or donate a GISHolorship before 10 PM PDT on Saturday, July 14!

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