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Briana Buckmaster’s album “Begin” available for preorder on Amazon, iTunes

BRIANA BUCKMASTERBriana Buckmaster's album "Begin" available for preorder on Amazon, iTunes
Album cover via Amazon

Briana Buckmaster has her debut album coming out on Friday, July 13, and you can now pre-order and preview Begin on Amazon and iTunes.

Buckmaster, best known for her recurring role of Sheriff Donna Hanscum on Supernatural, began recording her album in July 2017 with fellow musician Jason Manns producing, and now you can listen to a sample of her hard work and pre-order the album online.

A track list has also been released for Begin, and it includes covers of several well-known songs, including “Gunpowder and Lead” by Miranda Lambert and “How Will I Know” by Whitney Houston.

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For fans of Louden Swain, it also has a cover of their wildly popular song “Wave” from the Eskimo album. Buckmaster recorded with members of Louden Swain, and though it isn’t 100% confirmed, it certainly sounds like lead singer Rob Benedict is singing along with her during the chorus in the preview.

Thirty-second samples of eight songs are included in the preview, and hearing them is more than enough to make it crystal clear that this album is going to be a huge hit. Buckmaster’s voice somehow manages to be smooth and sultry and rough and gritty at all the right moments, and the combination already has us asking for more.

Pre-order the album on either Amazon or iTunes so you can hear the full versions as soon as Begin drops on July 13.

You can pre-order on Amazon below:

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