Travelers Instagram Takeover with Patrick Gilmore and Mackenzie Porter

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In our recent Netflix article, we talked about how Travelers is one of those shows to binge during the summer hiatus so that you’re ready for season 3 when it comes back in October.

Two of their stars, Mackenzie Porter and Patrick Gilmore, took over the official Travelers Instagram and answered questions live for fans who were able to tune in.

They created an amazing behind-the-scenes story throughout the day. We saw them leaving their apartments, going through hair and makeup, eating lunch, and getting ready to film.

Gilmore plays David Mailer on Travelers, a character introduced in the very beginning and one of the few who is not a Traveler from the future. He is a social worker for the state and Marcy Warton (Porter) is his ward. Marcy is taken over by a Traveler in the first episode and David slowly gets pulled into the crazy Travelers life.

Gilmore started acting in theatre and he talked about the difference between acting in theatre and acting on TV. He talked about TV and social media and how social media now allows people to comment on what they like and don’t like as it’s happening.

They talked about being on set and the different things they do to get ready for scenes and then Porter left to film. Earlier in the morning, Gilmore had talked about the two scenes they were filming saying that one was an exterior scene and the other was interior and very spoilery so they wouldn’t be showing that. Also, because they were filming, viewers got to see some behind-the-scenes footage, including Amanda Tapping who was directing. Tapping is a big part of Travelers on both sides of the camera. She not only directs, but she also plays Dr. Parrow, a character introduced last season.

Gilmore was asked by one of the fans on the live stream how he felt about social media and how it has changed interactions with fans. He says that he considers the followers of the show to be crusaders, because they are the ones who keep shows going. Also, some fans brought up conventions and asked him if he thought there would ever be a Travelers fan convention and he said once again, that it was up to the fans. Some of the Travelers cast will be at Wizard World in Atlanta in September, and Gilmore said that if fans want them at conventions to request them.

Because they were on a live set in North Vancouver, some of the crew came over and said hello during the live stream as well: Juniper and Sam in makeup; Mark, one of the props masters, as dubbed by Gilmore; and Rory, a crew member who was wetting down the windows of a bus in order to keep the continuity of a scene that had been shot earlier that morning. When the first part of the scene was shot, it had been pouring rain. However, by the time they went back in the afternoon to film the second part, it was blue skies and sunny.

Porter was filming for a lot of the livestream because the weather had pushed their filming schedule back. However, she kept popping in between takes to say hi to fans and answer some questions from them as well. She is well known not only for her performances on screen, but also for her musical talent.One of the fans in the chat had asked if she was still releasing something this year and she said yes, later this year. Her IMDB page confirmed that her album and single are scheduled to drop this fall.

Porter talked about how much she loves her character. So far, there have been 4 different versions of Marcy and she said that she loves being challenged at work. Both Porter and Gilmore mentioned that they had been on Supernatural. Gilmore had been in season three’s “Bedtime Stories” and Porter had been in season six’s “Clap Your Hands if You Believe.” Porter said she doesn’t really remember a lot of the episode that she was in, but Gilmore mentioned how he had to eat a lot of cherry pie for the Supernatural episode and he was poisoned and then stabbed, and he hasn’t eaten it since.

The first two seasons of Travelers are on Netflix US, and are expected to be released on Netflix Canada shortly before season 3 comes out. With Netflix actually picking up the series, season 3 will release in Canada the same time it releases in the US. Porter said, during the video, that season 3 will be 10 episodes and they are due to wrap filming on July 5th or 6th. Seasons 1 and 2 were 12 episodes each.

There are going to be at least two more Instagram takeovers with the other actors on the series before filming wraps, so stay tuned to Nerds and Beyond for recaps of those and the first two seasons.

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