The Flash – “Therefore She Is” Recap – Season 4, Episode 20

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This week’s episode is actually a parallel to episode seven, “Therefore I Am,” which was infused with flashbacks of how Devoe became The Thinker. In “Therefore She Is,” we get to see Marlize’s journey, starting from the moment she first met Devoe all the way through what led her to help him with his quest. While it may look like a love story, a very different meaning is revealed.

This first flashback shown is one from when they first met on a panel where they offered differing views of how technology and humanity affect each other. Devoe points out that when technology can be used to hurt people, it will be used that way. Back in the present, Marlize is seeing just how true that is as Devoe has everything he needs to begin his next step.

Cisco gets a message cube (apparently his 6th or 7th) from Gypsy asking for an answer on whether or not he wants the breacher job that her dad offered him. He finds himself thankful that he doesn’t have to think about it since he gets called to the lab.

They have decided to try to bring out Killer Frost by shaking Caitlyn on a cellular level by using Cisco’s vibing powers. They try a couple low-level blasts, but nothing happens. An argument ensues over whether or not to use a full-power blast. During the argument, Harry’s loss of intelligence is becoming obvious, so he finally has to tell them. They all vow to find a way to fix it despite his protests. He feels like it’s a punishment he deserves.

Devoe and Marlize head off to steal Alloy 1771 from a steel company. They get caught by a too-young security guard. Using his powers, Devoe makes the guard point the gun at his own head. Marlize tries to talk Devoe out of it, saying the death would be unnecessary. He disagrees and she accepts it, so the guard loses his life.

Team Flash learn about Alloy 1771 and how it is basically a solar panel, capable of absorbing the sun’s energy at 400% efficiency. Basically, it can use the sun’s energy to power just about anything. Since Cisco can’t vibe without Devoe knowing and sending a mental shockwave back, the team talks a reluctant Cisco into contacting Gypsy. Together they can safely vibe the gun and possibly find out what Devoe’s next move is since he’s obviously building something

Co-vibing shows a shipping dock with a shipping container, number 16. They head to the yard, but as usual, Devoe is a step ahead and already there. Turns out they had the wrong shipping container number anyway. Barry has a go at him, but Devoe opens a breach that Barry runs right into, ending up in a snowy tundra, complete with a great view of the Northern Lights. Gypsy and Cisco try to attack, but are knocked back because no one beats Devoe on this show. They just don’t.

After he’s gone, Cisco and Gypsy fight about who’s better at staying focused and whose fault it was that Devoe got away. Cisco asks if that’s how’d they work together if he took the job. Naturally, that was the moment that Barry returned from his mini winter vacay and is curious about this job. He tells Cisco later that he should do what he wants to do, but that they need him to defeat Devoe.

Flashback again to Marlize and Devoe moving in together. She finds his journal of plans for the future. She said it reads like a radical’s manifesto declaring war on technological philanthropists. He says humanity needs a purge of their consciousness and that they need to forget their dependency on technology. He asks her to be his partner in bringing humanity to “The Enlightenment.”

Joe asks Harry to distract Cecile, but won’t tell him why. So while he and Cecile are hanging out, she tells Harry that his thoughts are screaming and then just seem to disappear. This leads him to believe that the more he tries to use his brain, the faster he’s going to lose it. Cecile realizes she can write down what Harry is thinking before it disappears so he doesn’t lose it.

Barry finds Gypsy and against her protests “whooshes” her back to the lab. I guess he wants to try his hand at relationship counseling. It does not go well as neither Cisco nor Gypsy are the “talking it out” kind of people. The growing awkward silence is interrupted by two more break-ins at tech-manufacturers. Needing to know what is being built, Cisco and Gypsy try co-vibing a piece of metal from the shipping dock, but both end up thrown across the lab.

As has happened in almost every episode previously this season, Iris has to have a conversation with Barry, speaking to him like he’s a child, telling him he’s not being a good human. She informs him that he does not get to decide Cisco and Gypsy’s relationship and that they need to work through stuff on their own. It’s up to them how they do it and if they end up together or separate. Her words give Barry a House M.D. moment as he realizes Devoe is not building one thing, but many things.

Another flashback shows Marlize in Kenya. She has made a machine that can filter the disgusting water into drinkable quality. Devoe calls and asks her to come home, but she refuses because she’s making a difference. She says she can’t be with someone who thinks society is a disease. He says he’s nothing without her, but while she tries to explain, an explosion happens.

Cisco and Gypsy both admit that they don’t want Cisco to take the job. Gypsy says what they have is enough for her, but Cisco wants more. He wants a relationship where he can be with the person he loves and wake up next to her. It’s looking like they might be over. They don’t get to finish their discussion though because Barry calls for them.

He explains to everyone that Devoe is building multiple machines. Satellites. They all work together, but separately. The one thing he still needs is a quantum computer which Mercury Labs just got a whole bunch of.

Marlize and Devoe show up and minimize the computers. While Marlize is putting the computers in a specially designed briefcase, Barry shows up and slams Devoe into a wall. It was really refreshing to see him finally get a hit in. Cisco shows up to keep Marlize from going anywhere. In an effort to subdue Devoe, Barry hits him with a lightning bolt and then Gypsy starts to hit him with her vibe energy. Marlize kicks Cisco’s ass and knocks him out. She pulls out her awesome electro-sword, causing Gypsy to have to change the focus of their attack. She sends Marlize hurtling back and breaks her arm, which causes enough of a pause for Devoe to knock them all back with his powers.

Caitlyn shows up and uses a cold gun. She hopes that Devoe will frighten her into Killer Frost coming out. After he breaks the ice using a sonic pulse, he uses his power to hold her still and obliges her desire to be frightened by killing Gypsy. Marlize once again tries to talk him out of it. She says she won’t watch him kill another innocent life again, but he uses his powers to force her to watch. Finally, he gives in to her pleading and they are able to leave with the computers

Once again the team is left not knowing what Devoe’s plan is, but Harry and Cecile show up saying they figured it out. The satellites will be able to fire dark matter at the planet in 10 million megawatt bursts, enough to reboot all of humanity’s brains back to a simpler state.

Cisco “walks” Gypsy back to Earth 19. She acknowledges that he has been amazing to her. After a final goodbye kiss and hug, Cisco returns home. Their relationship is officially over.

A flashback happens again. Devoe has come to Kenya after hearing the explosion on the phone. Marlize seems okay aside from a broken arm. The explosion had another side effect though: she finally agrees that technology is a cancer. A militia group had found out about the water purifier she created and killed dozens of people, women and children included, to take it. She admits that she saw the truth in his journal before, but it frightened her. She is not frightened anymore. He again reminds her that he is nothing without her.

Back in the present, she sits in the floaty chair as it repairs her arm, the same one broken before. When Devoe tells her to prepare the satellite for assembly, she says no. (FINALLY!) She tells him he used to want to enlighten the world, but now it’s obvious that he wanted to rule it. He tries to reach her, but the chair creates a force field. She says her husband is dead and he tells her The Enlightening will come for her, too. She reminds him what he always says, “You are nothing without me.” She breaches away humming the tune to “I’m An Albatraoz.” Okay, that last bit isn’t true, but she should have been because she just became a boss-ass bitch. 

The reason Cecile needed to be distracted is finally revealed. They planned a surprise baby shower for her! While partying, the crazy girl from previous episodes (there is no other defining characteristics, so if you don’t know who I’m talking about, sorry), shows up to the party with a delivery and somehow knows Cecile’s exact due date. She makes a comment that time is precious and now is all we get, literally speaking. She hides down the hall when she sees Iris and Barry. Then we get our next bit of info about her. She’s a speedster. So, crazy speedster girl, okay. I’m starting to wonder if she is either Cecile’s baby or possibly Barry and Iris’s from the future.

Next week, we get some good news and bad news. The good news is they found someone who is immune to Devoe’s powers. The bad news is that person is Amunet, their metal-wielding enemy. Will she come on board? Will they even want on her board? We’ll see.

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