DC’s Legends of Tomorrow – “Necromancing the Stone” Recap – Season 3, Episode 15

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We already knew this episode was going to be awesome because Constantine was showing up, but it was even better than expected.

Sara has a perfectly terrifying nightmare of a creepy little girl whose head spins around, Exorcist-style. When she wakes up, we learn that she and Ava are now official. Unfortunately, right after deciding so is probably not the best time to talk about other people you slept with three weeks ago. I think this advice is probably especially good if the person you slept with three weeks ago is a gorgeous, cocky, demonologist that is second only to Castiel in rocking a trench coat.

With the time tears getting worse, Sara breaks the team up into groups and sends them off on missions. Unfortunately, she starts getting headaches that lead her to the death totem. Looking at it has Sara facing another version of herself, supposedly the version of her that died. Dead-Sara tells her that she was born to wield death.

When Amaya and Zari return, they find out that someone turned off Gideon’s monitoring system. Together with Rory, they go looking for Ray and find him badly beaten. They take him to the med bay and Amaya and Rory go looking for whoever may have attacked Ray.

They find Sara and she’s looking almost Killer Frost like but with black eyes, a shiny, new Death totem choker and a voice capable of singing bass. Of course, this would be the voice of Mallus who now controls Sara while she wanders around Mallus’s realm.

Amaya and Rory quickly have their asses handed to them by Mallus-Sara. Rory looks as if he’s about to be killed, but Wally rushes in and pulls him and Amaya to safety in the med bay.

With a tiny flashlight and his speedster arrogance, Wally goes looking for Sara. He learns firsthand that Mallus-Sara has shapeshifting powers. She appears as Jesse and even though Wally knows it’s not her, he engages with her as if she is the real thing. It leads to him getting hit with a speed gun and knocked out.

Link to Constantine image – https://i.imgur.com/9udI8mr.png

Knowing they need John Constantine, Ava grabs Gary and goes for a search and finds him and a woman wildly chasing after a chicken. After the chicken fiasco, Ava explains what’s going on, but John isn’t worried because he told Ray to kill Sara if she ever succumbed to Mallus. When he finds out that Sara has bonded with the Death totem, things change. Five of the totem tribes rallied to imprison Mallus, but the tribe with the Death totem sided with him. Therefore, the Death totem has a special link to Mallus.

He decides to go to Mallus’s realm since he already has a link to Sara’s soul because of their “metaphysical connection.” Jealous Ava points out that she has that, too, and decides she is going with him to save Sara. Unfortunately, Mallus greets them and blasts them back.

Looking and sounding like they’re on a Stranger Things set, Nate and Zari head off on separate tasks. Nate goes looking for Sara, but find an unconscious Wally and brings him back to the med bay. Zari intends to get the jump ship off of Gideon’s mainframe so they can use it to leave. When she readies to break the connection, her brother appears. Just like Wally, she knows it’s not him, but interacts as if he was. Thankfully, she is able to walk away from him though and severe the connection between the jump ship and Gideon. The blowback from that knocks her to the ground. In the place of her brother, Mallus-Sara now stands and immediately attacks her. Pinned to a wall, Zari calls out to Sara and for a brief moment, Sara breaks through, but she’s gone just as quickly and Mallus-Sara knocks Zari out.

After a well-placed Doctor Who reference and a discovered severed foot, Gary comes up with an idea. His D&D group had a task very similar to the Legends. He suggests that to find the ship, they find the Death totem. The idea gets him a kiss from Constantine that he seems pretty excited about, but who wouldn’t be? With the foot and various other items, he casts a spell to find the Death totem.

In Mallus’s realm, Sara meets Nora who reminds Sara that she was once an assassin who killed without remorse. A person with that kind of darkness would be well received on Mallus’s side.

Amaya realizes that the only way to defeat a totem bearer is with another totem. It is up to Nate to bear the Earth totem while Amaya and Rory look for Zari. Nate is able to get the Earth totem, but before he can use it, he ends up facing his grandfather who begins to beat him and tell him what a disgrace he is. Luckily for him, John, Ava, and Gary arrive and an exorcism is started. It doesn’t take though and Mallus speaks through Sara as a girl lost by John. She said that Mallus will let her live if he gives up Sara. John continues the exorcism, but it still doesn’t work. He ends up suspended in the air, choking for breath.

After finding Zari and not hearing from Nate, Amaya says she will wield the Fire totem, but at the last minute says Rory should. It would explain his obsession with fire. He’s reluctant but finally agrees. No surprise that the totem takes right to him.

The Death totem reacts to the Fire totem taking on a new owner and John is discarded so Mallus-Sara can go deal with it.

Rory is amazed by his new powers and gets to throw his first fireball at Mallus-Sara, but she holds it back. The second one hits though and she is knocked unconscious.

Nora continues to try to talk Sara into embracing her darkness and joining Mallus because she could have everything she ever wanted, including bringing Laurel back. Listening to Ava beg her to come back, Sara tells Nora no and returns to her body.

Nora did get through to her in one way though. Sara accepts that death is just a part of her and for that reason, she ends things with Ava. It is the superhero way after all. To keep the person you love from getting hurt, break up with them and leave them heartbroken. It never works out, but I guess Sara hasn’t seen the droves of movies and shows that I have where this always happens.

In a surprising ending, John has joined Gary’s D&D group. Seems like a friendship could be brewing there.

Next week, the Legends find themselves in an I,Robot world where everyone looks like Ava. Will they be able to find the right one?

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