Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Misha Collins Teases Cookbook!

THE CWSUPERNATURALMisha Collins Teases Cookbook!

The secret is finally out! (…maybe.)

After confusing us for months with random reposts of his earlier Cooking Fast and Fresh With West web series, Misha Collins announced on Instagram today that he’s working on a cookbook with his family!


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As he said in his post, his life-long friend Darius Marder is helping him out with taste testing! I bet there’s a ton of people who would be willing to take on that job!

Fans have been speculating for a while that Misha has been cooking something up based on the reposts and culinary photos he’s been sharing, but because he’s proved countless times that he always has his finger on the pulse of the fandom (and let’s face it – it’s Misha) there’s definitely a chance we’re getting trolled here.

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Either way, everything Misha does tends to be at least a little bit outside the box, and if a cook book is currently marinating, we can’t wait to see how it turns out!


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