Sunday, March 26, 2023

Louden Swain Announces New Stageit Show on March 16!

MUSICLOUDEN SWAINLouden Swain Announces New Stageit Show on March 16!

Louden Swain just announced a new Stageit show, which will take place live on March 16!

We’ve been really excited about playing acoustic lately, so come join us for some stripped down Swain (the music will be stripped down, NOT the band…)!

We’re going to have a couple different prizes for the top tippers including a Skype for the top tipper and one randomly drawn winner (from everyone who tips $30 or more).

Other prizes will include a BRAND NEW Swain baseball hat for those who tip 300 notes or more, and anyone who tips over 500 notes will also receive a “Welcome To Borjlando” T-shirt along with the hat! (Sizes are limited on the T-shirts)

You can find more about how to obtain a ticket here!

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