Thursday, March 30, 2023

Jason Manns Launches Kickstarter for New CD

MUSICJason Manns Launches Kickstarter for New CD

Though Jason hasn’t said anything on his social media pages as of yet, some of Jason’s fans have noticed a new Kickstarter for Covers With Friends IV!

Jason has set a lofty goal of $40,000 to be raised by April 2, 2018, this time around, explaining that in the past he has been willing and able to fund some of his CDs out of his pocket, but now that he has a little boy arriving shortly, it isn’t in the cards this time.

Jason’s latest CD, Recovering With Friends, made it onto Billboard’s Top 100 Albums and included songs by Supernatural stars Jensen Ackles, Briana Buckmaster, Kim Rhodes, Emily Swallow, Mark Pellegrino, Richard Speight Jr., and lead singer of Louden Swain, Rob Benedict. The Kickstarter raised more than $68,000. In his post, Jason explains that about $40,000 of that money was set aside for taxes, fees, shipping, purchasing licenses to cover the songs, and printing the CDS, and the rest of the money was quickly spent on studio time, paying musicians, engineering, mixing, mastering, travel and food.

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There are rewards for backers of Covers With Friends IV ranging from a digital download and email updates, to autographed CDs by all of the artists involved, to Skype calls with Jason, all the way up to making your very own 5 track EP with Jason Manns in studio, depending on how much you’re able to pledge.

You can view all of the details released so far by Jason Manns on Kickstarter here!

We’re really looking forward to new music from Jason and will be keeping an eager eye out for updates on this project!

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