Wednesday, October 20, 2021

GISHWHES Teases Announcement Tomorrow

Earlier this afternoon, the official GISHWHES Twitter account posted a cryptic Tweet that has the internet buzzing!

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What most GISHers are wondering, of course, is: what does it mean? What’s happening for the last time?

If you scroll through the comments on the Twitter post you’ll see people predicting everything from the Schwag Shwop opening again, registration for this year’s GISHWHES beginning, to a new mascot being revealed.

One thing every commenter seems to have in common is an overwhelming sense of panic. Only the GISHWHES creator and our Overlord himself, Misha Collins, could be responsible for something that infers such a sense of foreboding with a single Tweet.

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What do you think is coming tomorrow?

We’ll be keeping our eye on the GISHWHES social media pages tomorrow for the big reveal!

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