International Fanworks Day 2018


While many people are gearing up for Valentine’s Day, there is something even better all the fandoms are looking forward to – February 15th. I know what you’re thinking, but it’s not because of all the half-off chocolate and candy… Okay, it’s a little because of that, but it’s mainly because it’s International Fanworks Day!

I was thrilled to hear about this fandom holiday, but I didn’t know what it was. Thankfully, Claudia Rebaza, OTW Staffer, was able to explain. “IFD is a day for everyone who enjoys creative fandom to celebrate the things they love. The way they celebrate can differ depending on their interests and activities, such as reccing works, working on an old WIP, trying new works, talking about their history with fanworks, helping to preserve them, and so on. It’s a day for all types of fanworks from anywhere in the world because there is no one way to do fandom.”

How awesome is that! International Fanworks Day began in 2014 to celebrate the one-millionth fanwork posted to Archive Of Our Own, your favorite neighborhood site for fanfiction. That one-millionth fic was posted on February 15th and voila, a holiday was born.

So, how can you celebrate? Claudia mentioned many ways above and here are some specific events that you can choose to participate in:

  • WIP Big Bang has started a challenge for writers to finish short works in progress and submit them to their AO3 Collection by February 15th. All the works will be revealed for International Fanworks Day.
  • OTW also has a creative writing challenge of their own. Create a short fanwork that shows what your favorite character, or pairing, get fannish over. These are going to be so much fun to read! Post it on AO3 under their International Fanworks Day 2018 tag or on social media using the hashtag #IFDShare.
  • Fanlore is also getting in on the fun, posting different challenges starting February 12th and running through the 15th. The challenge for the 12th was creating an account on Fanlore. Can’t wait to see what the next ones will be!
  • OTW is also hosting a Feedback Fest! As a writer of fanfic, this one is my favorite thing. There’s nothing writers enjoy more than feedback. OTW will have a Feedback Fest post from February 13th through the 16th where fans can rec work or use the hashtag #IFDFest on your social media.
  • The day itself is, of course, going to be celebrated with fun and merriment. OTW will have a chat going in their Public Discussion chatroom for fans to connect, play some games, and share their love of fanworks.

It doesn’t matter what fandom you’re in, this day is for you to share your love and enjoy creativity. Invite others to come see why the world of fans is such an awesome place to live.

For more information on OTWs plans, follow this link – OTW International Fanworks Day 2018

Special thanks to Claudia Rebaza for providing wonderful info about this fun holiday and sharing all the ways we can participate.

Crystal joined the Nerds and Beyond team in 2018. Three years earlier, she tripped into the Supernatural fandom and decided to stay. It's where her passion for writing was reborn. Her free time is largely centered around creative writing (okay, it's fanfic), providing editing for others, and binging makeover shows. The DC Universe is her other fandom of choice and she lives for the crossover extravaganzas. The main joy in her life is her young son whom she homeschools and takes to Disney World as often as possible.

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