Crazy Ex-Girlfriend – Trent is Back and Wreaking Havoc!

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In the latest episode of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Trent has returned to Rebecca’s life looking for a relationship. In typical Trent behavior, he is waiting for her under her bed, ready to black mail her into the relationship. Trent being back in Rebecca’s life, however, does more than just force Rebecca into a relationship.

Rebecca lies to Paula in order to gain her help on the situation with Trent. Together, they are able to discover secrets to use against Trent and force him out of Rebecca’s life forever.

Nathaniel sees Rebecca with Trent and assumes they are back together. This leads Nathaniel to move on from Rebecca and back to his actual girlfriend, Mona.

Both of these events shows Rebecca how much growth shes done, yes, but how much more she needs to do. She lied to her best friend Paula in a split second in order to force her into a situation that Rebecca couldn’t handle herself. She also realized that when Nathaniel was moving on, that she wasn’t ready for him to.

Rebecca has grown a lot this season, faced a lot of her inner demons, and is continuing to grow. With only 1 episode left until the finale, will we see Rebecca truly conquer all of her demons?

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