Misha Collins’ Death2Normalcy 7 Minute Closet Coup


Those of us subscribed to the mailing list on Misha Collins’ website, Death2Normalcy, received an email this afternoon advertising a very Misha-like sale on his website.

According to the email, on February 14, 2018 – Valentine’s Day – at exactly 11:07 AM Pacific Standard Time, visitors to the website https://shop.death2normalcy.com will have only seven minutes to shop for exclusive items. The e-mail explains:

“Some items in the online market will be truly scarce – for example, there is only one remaining rusty dental chair in our basement, and there are only two opportunities to acquire a private in-person tea with Misha for $1USD. At the end of 7 minutes, everything will be gone! Don’t be one of the Have-nots! You have but SEVEN MINUTES to become one of the Haves!”

You can use the link above to sign up to be notified one hour before the sale begins. I’m sure it will be utter pandemonium trying to get anything on his website during those seven minutes, but I know I won’t be the only one trying!



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