14 Valentine’s Day Gifts for the Nerd in Your Life


Over the years, flowers and chocolates have become symbolic of Valentine’s Day, with the money spent on each of these totaling an average of 2 billion dollars annually. Flowers, chocolates, jewelry and greeting cards – they’re nice, but, they’re also expected. As nerds, we often like to think outside the box. Sometimes, it can be a challenge to think of the perfect way to tell your nerdy sweetheart just how much you less-than-three them. So, for this Valentine’s Day, in no particular order, Nerds and Beyond would like to play Cupid, and offer you 14 Valentine’s Day gift suggestions for the special nerd or geek in your life.


#14: You Goat Mail

Nothing sends a message quite like a goat (or other critter) arriving at the intended’s doorstep with a customized note. They make a great, although a little weird and confusing, gift for just about anyone – family, friend, or romantic partner.  Once they get over their initial confusion and giggling, you’re sure to have given a gift they’ll likely not forget any time soon.

Shop You Goat Mail

Starting at $22.50



#13: Fandom Tea Blends from Adagio

Each fandom, and each character has its own unique personality, and with that comes a set of feelings that each new story awakens within you. Now, imagine this: bottling that feeling into a taste and smell, awakening those senses with a cup of tea. There you have Adagio’s fandom teas- a flavor for characters, rooms, and couples, all masterfully blended. The tea and book nerd in your life can immerse into their worlds even more. (And, while you’re at it, buy some for yourself, too. They’re that good.)

Shop Adagio’s Fandom Tea Blends

Starting at $5.00


#12: Nerdy Shirts and Accessories from TeeTurtle

TeeTurtle is a wonderful website full of snappy and witty nerd gear. From socks, to pins, to shirts, they cover a lot of fandom areas from shows, to gaming, to science and math. Something for just about anyone who can appreciate the more nerdy things in life.

Shop TeeTurtle

Starting at $5.00



#11: International Food Bundles from Try the World

For the food nerd in your life. Try the World offers a great chance to taste many cuisines from around the world by shipping a box each month full of various treats and meal options from different locations. For extra fun, try some of the recipes when you’re in the kitchen together. If you want something that tastes a little more like home, there are other similar programs online that focus on specific cuisines and diets.

Shop Try the World

Starting at $19/month


From Frostbeard’s Shop on Etsy

#10: Fandom and Book Scented Candles from Etsy

For book nerds, some of the most relaxing of days can be spent curled up with a good book, and a scented candle. How to make that better? Well, for starters, you can get your loved one a candle scented with the theme of their book. Growing in popularity on Etsy- shops feature candle scents such as Divination Class, Sherlock’s Study, Winterfell, and even old books. You can do your own research, but we listed some of the candlemakers here as well to make your life a little easier.

Shop TheCheekyNose on Etsy
Shop Frostbeard on Etsy
Shop LostBirch on Etsy

Starting at  $5.00



#9: Wish Lanterns

Straight out of fairytales, Tangled, to be specific- wish lanterns are a romantic way to end any special Valentine’s date. Imagine a romantic evening completed by sending these guys up into the sky full of hopes and dreams, with maybe just a little bit of magic, it could easily be a fairytale date for the ages.

Shop Wishlantern

Starting at $5.99



#8: Oxytocin Molecule Necklace

Also known as ‘the love molecule’, there’s no better and more scientific way to say ‘I love you’.

Search Etsy

Starting at $4.00


#7: Nerdy Plush Bouquets from ThinkGeek

For those who think roses might be a bit too cliché, try these nerdy plush bouquets from ThinkGeek. They come wrapped bouquet style but feature various nerdism-theme stuffed plush animals instead of flowers.

Shop ThinkGeek

Starting at $12.99




#6: A Rose That Never Dies

If you don’t think roses are too cliché for Valentine’s Day, you might still be a little disappointed that the one you love may only get to enjoy them for a few days. Companies like Eternity Rose have thought of that too, presenting glass, crystal or dipped roses that can last forever, making ‘I love you until the last petal falls’ a much more romantic concept.

Shop Eternity Rose

Starting at: Varies on Website



From Silversmith925’s Shop on Etsy

#5: A Heart Full of Song (or, at least representing song)

Les Miserables references aside, musical geniuses are most certainly nerds too, and what better way to represent your love for them and their passion than this beautiful style of necklace. The necklace features a bass and treble clef, wound into a heart. There are a ton of beautiful options for this on Etsy, so we recommend you begin the search there.

Shop Etsy

Starting at $12.00



#4: Narwhals! (Or other cuddly critters)

For the saviors of the world, this is a great choice. Buying the package from the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) helps save animals, and gives your sweetheart a cute plush. You can add or subtract other options to give your hero a customized package of saving the animal of their choice. The featured link is for Narwhals, but there are a plethora of other loveable creatures to be ‘adopted’ as well.

Search WWF Gifts

Starting at $55



#3: A Wish

You’re not a genie, but, what could be more beautiful than giving someone a wish? Thanks to the creative folks on Etsy, you can share this notion with a dandelion seed encased in a necklace, for your loved one to keep their dreams and their wish close to their heart always.

Search Etsy

Starting at $5.00


#2: A Book Box Subscription

Books are great for any day- indoor days, outdoor days, rainy days, bad days, and good days. Book box subscriptions are great fun, and there are plenty to choose from. We recommend Pagehabit, because not only are they customizable with recommendations for you- but they also donate a portion of proceeds to benefit children’s literacy.

Shop Pagehabit

Averaging about $29.99/month



#1: Their Very Own Star

Naming stars has been a romantic notion throughout the ages- but did you know it can actually be done, and comes with a certificate, as well as options of what size star you want? Nothing quite says romance (and possibly astronomy nerd) so much as being able to go out, look in the night sky, and see an ever-present reminder that you are loved.

Shop the Star Registry

Starting at $19.95



Like these ideas, but want to keep looking? Here’s a list of more great nerdy websites to browse:




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