Monday, November 29, 2021

These Fandom Tattoos will Impress you and Melt your Heart

Of all the pieces of fandom art in the world, fandom tattoos are some of the most beautiful. It is also a testament to how much affect fandom can have on a person’s life. Fandom is more than a tv show, movie or book – it is a family and a piece of identity.

Here is a collection of beautiful fandom tattoos – thanks to submissions through Facebook. First, though, I wanted to highlight one tattoo that was submitted by Kelsey Warren. She writes:

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These are symbols from the 1993 Genesis game “Gunstar Heroes.” It was my older brother and my FAVORITE game to play, but we couldn’t afford to buy it, so we just rented it 1000 times.

I wanted to get this tattoo in college, but when I told Brett he was all, “No! You can’t get a tattoo like that unless I die tragically or something!” When he died a few years ago, I got this tattoo almost immediately.



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Check out the gallery below if you need a little inspiration and to see some beautiful art. Thank you to all who submitted!

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