Briana Buckmaster Flexes Her Acting Muscles in Latest ‘Supernatural’ Episode

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In the latest episode of Supernatural, Breakdown, we get more time with one of our fan faves, Sheriff Donna. Sheriff Donna, played by Briana Buckmaster, has appeared in 5 episodes of Supernatural including this airing. Donna is a character that is always upbeat, and an eternal optimist.  This episode, however, gave us a new side to Donna. It was with this depth of character that we also were able to see Briana show off her acting range.

In Breakdown, Sheriff Donna’s niece has gone missing and, plot twist, not by a monster. Donna calls in the help of her boys, Sam and Dean, who immediately come to help their friend. Throughout the episode our characters encounter a few speed bumps, mainly being that our boys are posing as FBI agents with a real FBI agent on the case. It is in this episode that Doug, played by Brendan Taylor, finds out that monsters are real. Donna has “the talk” with Doug to bring him into the awareness of the Supernatural world. We wrap the episode up by finding out that monsters were involved with the kidnapping. Sam and Dean are finally in their area of expertise and quickly take down our bad guys.

What really sets this episode apart from the normal ‘Monster of the Week’ episodes is Briana Buckmaster. As I have already mentioned, we are really able to get a taste of the wide range of emotions that Briana is able to portray. She shows compassion and worry for her niece, then determination and anger in her attempt to get the truth from a suspect, and finally, heartache as Doug walks away from her, and her life. Overall, a brilliant performance from Briana! We can’t wait to see more of her in the seasons to come.

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