Thursday, March 23, 2023

Richard Speight, Jr. is Making a Solo Album and We’re Freaking Out

TELEVISIONKINGS OF CONRichard Speight, Jr. is Making a Solo Album and We're Freaking Out

Jason Manns, who has put out a few albums collaborating with Supernatural actors and has produced albums by Gil McKinney and an upcoming album with Briana Buckmaster, has announced some exciting news!

Jason shared on an update on Kickstarter from his Re-covering with Friends album that he and Richard Speight, Jr. (Supernatural, Kings of Con) would be soon working on a solo album for Rich!

Here’s the announcement:

I know some of you were disappointed that Richard Speight, Jr. only had one verse on this album… let me tell ya… me too! He actually had his very own track but I just couldn’t get it to where I wanted it, and I refuse to put something out that doesn’t paint the folks that trust me with their voices in the absolute best way possible, since that’s literally my job. So I had a chat with Rich and we both decided to leave that specific track off of this album so we can zero in on it and make it perfect. Mind you it wasn’t Rich’s performance that needed work, it was just the song itself wasn’t coming together the way I wanted it to production wise. So since Rich and I HAVE AGREED TO WORK ON A SOLO ALBUM OF HIS OWN THIS YEAR… I felt like we’d have time in the studio to zero in and make it perfect… so now you know. 😉

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We’re so excited and freaking out at this awesome news!!! We know Rich’s album is going to be great and we can’t wait to hear it next year!

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