New ‘Wayward Strong’ Campaign Launch + Interview with Briana Buckmaster & Kim Rhodes!

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Briana Buckmaster and Kim Rhodes have teamed up again for a new Wayward Strong campaign with Stands!

The design says: “Way Strong. Way Fierce. Wayward (AF).” The design is available in a Tank and T-Shirt.

This Campaign will support New Leash on Life USA, one of the country’s most unique prison-dog training programs. You can find out more about it Here!

Kim and Briana previously collaborated for the “Wayward AF” campaign, alongside Wayward Daughters.

This campaign launches on the heels of the exciting news of a Supernatural spinoff being announced called “Wayward Sisters”, which Kim Rhodes is attached to. The news stated Briana hasn’t officially signed on yet, but if you follow her Twitter, you’ll see she’ll definitely be involved.

At the time of writing this, the campaign has been active for less than 24 hours and has already sold 719 items. 719 items. In less than 24 hours. Their campaign goal was set to 1,000, which we know they’ll pass in no time especially with 13 days still left in the campaign.

We got the chance to ask Kim and Briana about the launch of this new campaign. See our interview below:

Nerds & Beyond: What are you most excited for with this new campaign?

Kim Rhodes: I’m so excited to expand. More. Yes. Brave. Huge. My mind has the tendency to start with my own experience and advocate for that. But the more I do this, the more aware I become of those who have vastly different life experiences but still have so much I identify with. So much courage and love to offer. That’s so much of our fandom and precisely the connection with New Leash on Life, USA.

Briana Buckmaster: This new campaign comes on the heels of the unprecedented success of Wonder Woman. Seeing the world FINALLY get excited about the power of women has me more excited than ever to get out there in the fandom and discover or perhaps assist others in finding their strengths. I think this is a really exciting time. Some of us who have been told to be quiet for a really long time are finally getting the permission and encouragement to be loud and proud.

Nerds & Beyond: We just passed the 1 year anniversary of ‘Wayward AF’. Did you expect this kind of reaction from a campaign and for it to turn into an inspiring way of life?

Kim Rhodes: Nope. Nope no way no how nopity nope. I had gotten to a place in my life where I was happy to speak my voice in honesty just for the sake of connection. I really thought the chance to inspire and involve myself in genuine change had passed me by. I have never been so happy to have been SO WRONG.

Briana Buckmaster: When we first started the WaywardAF campaign, literally the first thing that came to mind was “we get to swear on a T-shirt?!!” That was probably what I was most excited about. I was so ready for the fandom to unleash their previously-censored selves on the world without having to say a word. I was giddy. But NEVER did I suspect something of this magnitude would happen. Seeing people from all walks of life showing us ‘their wayward’ was mind boggling and overwhelming. People changing their lives because they suddenly felt such freedom is an unbelievable thing to watch. I feel so lucky that I get to be a part of this incredible movement that WaywardAF has become.

Nerds & Beyond: Finally, what does Wayward AF mean to you?

Kim Rhodes: I don’t know. It’s not mine. I quit defining it. I am so grateful to ride it, like a tiger I don’t own but it takes me where I need to be with a power I’ve never experienced any other place in my life. It is joyous. It is powerful. But it has space for sad whispers. It is WE and never Me. And it changes the world.

Briana Buckmaster:
To me, WaywardAF means choosing to embrace that which you’ve been told to believe is a flaw. For instance: I am larger than life. Literally and figuratively. I’ve always been a size bigger than people wanted me to be and I’ve always been a decibel louder than people thought I out to be. Being Wayward AF not only allows me to dismiss naysayers, it encourages me to be whatever me I feel best in. Loud or quiet, big or small. I get to be the me that I love. And there is no better feeling than that.

Make sure to check out the campaign at – and follow Kim Rhodes, Briana Buckmaster, Wayward Daughters & Stands on Twitter! @KimRhodes4Real@OfficialBrianaB@WaywardDaughtrs@Stands

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