Saturday, March 25, 2023

MegaCon 2017: Stan Lee Kicks Off MegaCon!

CONVENTIONSMegaCon 2017: Stan Lee Kicks Off MegaCon!

MegaCon 2017 has officially begun, and what better way to start the convention than with the legend himself, Stan Lee!

The legend entered the packed room to a thunderous standing ovation, as fans dressed as their favorite superheroes looked on.

Stan was with his manager, who helped answer questions with Stan, since questions had to be relayed back to him. Hilarity ensued as Stan discussed his adventures as Universal Orlando, as he went to the theme park earlier in the day, giving Universal only a fifteen minute heads up about his arrival.

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Fans got to ask him questions, as Stan got the room cheering with some of his quick humor.

This was being advertised as Stan’s last Florida appearance, but when the crowd and Stan’s manager, Max, talked about it, Stan said “we’ll always come back!”

Stay tuned for more MegaCon coverage!

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