Interview: David Haydn-Jones on ‘Supernatural’, Ketch & More! [EXCLUSIVE]

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We got the chance to interview David Haydn-Jones, who has appeared this season on Supernatural as Arthur Ketch, a member of the British Men of Letters. David has appeared on Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Modern Family as well as appeared in a few films by Hallmark.

We got the chance to ask him about Supernatural, Ketch’s relationship with Mary and more. Read the interview below!

Nerds and Beyond: You’ve worked in other shows that not only have many other Supernatural actors worked in, but even years later still have large followings. With those shows also having a large and loyal fan base, what has your experience been with the Supernatural fandom comparatively?

DHJ: Honestly this is the first “Fan Base” per se that I have dealt with, or has even acknowledged me in a significant way. Some Hallmark viewers have sent me nice notes and hellos but the tsunami of attention from the SPN Family has been amazing. The art, the creativity, the LOVE of the show and its characters has been a real blessing to witness and to be welcomed into.

Nerds and Beyond: Supernatural has been around for over a decade. Were you intimidated to join the show or the fandom that comes with it?

DHJ: I wouldn’t say intimidated as I had NO IDEA the scope of the fandom. Ignorance was a good thing here or I may have gotten into my head a little bit. I DID know how successful the show was, and the level of quality. I had auditioned several times before over several seasons, so when Ketch came along it was just another audition I was going to do my best for, but I wasn’t going to set too high of expectations for it.

Nerds and Beyond: We also noticed you had a convention appearance recently; have you ever been to a fandom convention as either a guest or as a fan before?

DHJ: I just finished my first convention in Basel, Switzerland and it could not have been a more rewarding, fun and fulfilling experience! People were so warm and welcoming and it amazed me how international the scope of Supernatural is. It was my first ever “Con” as a visitor and as a guest and I saw some remarkable things!

Nerds and Beyond: Now, we know you’re filming and can’t tell us much; Would you like for Ketch to have a redemption arc like we started to see with Mick?

DHJ: I would LOVE for Ketch to have a redemption. As a big “Star Wars” fan, I often say if Vader can be redeemed then there’s hope for all of us. And that dude did a lot of bad stuff! Haha. The question will be if love or programming will win. We’ll have to see.

Nerds and Beyond: Do you think Ketch had a genuine attraction to Mary? Or was he more attracted to what she had to offer/her hunting prowess?

DHJ: Yes and yes! I don’t think one separates the two for Ketch. Obviously her physical beauty and strength, but the respect he has for her as a hunter and the close proximity they have shared for months is also a factor in his “love” for her. I put love in air quotes as I don’t think Ketch’s version is the same form that functioning society would define it as.

Nerds and Beyond: What influences and/or references are you using to play Ketch? Fans seem to think there might be a little James Bond in there!

DHJ: Bond was a BIG influence. When I was trying to sum him up with Phil Scriggia (executive and director) on my first day of shooting, I said he’s “Monster Bond” and we both laughed heartily in agreement. During the audition process as well, dialing in what kind of an Englishman he was, I played with looking at Roger Moore’s Bond, Peter Cushing and a dash of John Cleese’s posh wankers.

Nerds and Beyond: On Buffy you played a member of the Watcher’s Council. On Supernatural you play a member of the British Men of Letters. Do you see any similarities and differences between the organizations? Do you see any parallels between Hobson and Ketch?

DHJ: Hobson from Buffy is far more of an underling. A grunt doing his duty so to speak. Overworked, under-slept and hating his job. The watcher’s were more overseers of training and less harsh than the BMOL. Ketch is an assassin and cleaner who takes orders to a point but as we’ve seen can act out dangerously. Plus Ketch has way better clothes than H0bson’s sad sweater vest.

Nerds and Beyond: Do you prefer to work in the paranormal/sci-fi genre, or is there another genre you prefer?

DHJ: I like any genre that has me acting but I do LOVE sci-fi and was hoping for over a decade to get some traction in the world. Hopefully Ketch will help do that. I was reading Pilots for new series whilst shooting Supernatural and there were a lot of Lawyer, Doctor, Cop scripts coming across my desk. And I was like, aw man, this stuff is so BORING now! Where’s my grenade launcher and vampire’s to kill?!

Nerds and Beyond: Is there a franchise, or a Television Show you’d really like to work in but haven’t yet?

DHJ: My favorite show (other than Supernatural) that I’m watching right now is Mr. Robot. Damn fine television. Also, all the creative stuff on Netflix, HULU, HBO and Amazon I would love a crack at. It’s really a golden age of content and I really love working and growing with it.

You can catch Supernatural on Thursdays on The CW!

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