“Supernatural”: Our Favorite Episodes of Season 12 So Far

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Over halfway through its twelfth season, Supernatural continues to churn out fresh plot lines, new monsters, and when you thought the Winchesters couldn’t go up against anything worse than God’s own sister- they do. Facing off once again against old threats, and new enemies, we are going to recap my favorite episodes so far.

Episode 4: American Nightmare

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This episode was truly unsettling in the best way. The opening moments kicked off with a stigmata and only got weirder from there in one of those episodes where the monster of the week is not a supernatural being at all. From the horrible torment Magda’s own mother puts her through – to her mother then killing her brother and father – this episode was very chilling and definitely one of the most chilling episodes I’ve seen in a long time. Jared in particular did a really great job with this episode. He truly showed Sam’s empathy to Magda’s situation and the way her mother was treating her as a monster because of similar experiences. This episode was also the introduction to the ominous Mr. Ketch (David Haydn Jones) we’d been hearing so much about in the prior episodes.

Episode 6: Celebrating the Life of Asa Fox

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The first high note of this episode was the return of Kim Rhodes as Jody. I love the relationship she has with the boys in how she has become a bit of mother figure to them. Also, seeing Mary hunting on her own when she was younger was interesting because it wasn’t something we’d seen before. In prior seasons, we found out Mary was a hunter, but hadn’t really seen her working a case on her own. Another thing I liked about this episode was it had a feel that many of the episodes in earlier seasons of the show had with a good old fashioned demon possession. It was also interesting to see of all the hunters in attendance at Asa’s wake working together to exorcise the demon Jael after it possessed Jody. We normally don’t see a large group of hunters like that, but seeing them all work together was very cool.

Episode 10: Lily Sunder Has Some Regrets

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Another great episode written by Steven Yockey. This episode gave us some of Castiel’s history which is something fans have wanted for a long time. We even got to see Cas in a female vessel- portrayed by Jessa Danielson. The character of Lily Sunder (Alicia Witt) was very well written. At the start of the episode, I was very worried about her because it seemed she was coming for Castiel for revenge, but by the end was very sympathetic to her and hope that the writers will find a way to bring her back. We also got to see a human using Enochian magic which was something we really hadn’t seen before. A few of my favorite scenes from this episode were the banter between Dean and Cas in the car on their way to meet up with Castiel’s former garrison, and the scene outside the diner when Sam shows just how well he knows his brother by correctly predicting Dean will storm in even though Cas asked him not to.

Episode 11: Regarding Dean

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First and foremost I have to say that Jensen was amazing in this episode. From waking up in the woods with a bunny rabbit to that heart wrenching scene in the bathroom when Dean has almost forgotten every aspect of himself, Jensen knocked it out of the park. While Dean forgetting what a lamp was called, who Sam was, and ultimately who he was was hard at times to watch, this episode did have some lighthearted moments like Sam putting post-it notes on everything and Dean being carefree and just enjoying cartoons. Not to mention that bull riding scene.

Episode 12: Stuck in the Middle (With You)

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Richard Speight Jr. and Davy Perez are the new dream team. This episode has been one of my favorite episodes in a long time- loaded with references to Tarantino films along with being an overall emotional roller coaster. We got a lot of back story in this episode, too. Learning not only how Crowley became the King of Hell, but also more about the yellow eyed demons. The cast majorly delivered this episode with their performances during some seriously heart wrenching and nerve wracking moments.I was very worried that we were going to lose Castiel for good, but luckily Crowley was there to save the day again. The fight scene between the Winchesters and Ramiel was also a real nail biter right up until Sam finally delivered the killing blow. This episode also really drove home how much character development we’ve seen for Castiel over the past eight seasons. We’ve seen him go from telling Dean that he was a servant of heaven- and only heaven, to telling the Winchesters that he loves them.

These are just a few of my favorite episodes of the season so far, and I’m excited to see what the remainder of the season will bring. Supernatural returns on 3/30/2017 with Ladies Drink Free – written by Meredith Glynn, directed by Amyn Kaderali and guest starring Kathryn Newton!

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