Tuesday, March 28, 2023

The Nerd Party Expands with New Podcasts!

PODCASTSThe Nerd Party Expands with New Podcasts!

Our friends over at The Nerd Party have added some great new podcasts!

In addition to the already fantastic Aggressive Negotiations, Nerd Nuptial and The Senate Floor (now Filibuster full time), the team has brought together hosts for four entirely new podcasts.

Three episodes of each of the new podcasts are now available!

Ceti Alpha 3

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Ceti Alpha 3 is a brand new Star Trek podcast, with hosts Darren, Daniel, and Phillip. They’ll be talking about everything Star Trek over the last 50 years. Check it out here.

Great Shot Kid

Great Shot Kid is a new Star Wars podcast, with hosts John and Mike. They’ll be discussing all of the Star Wars universe. Check it out here.

Missing Frames

Missing Frames is a podcast about cinema, where hosts will watch films they should have seen a long time ago. Check it out here.

Punch It

Punch It will have hosts Tristan and Charlynn discussing writing in pop culture. Check it out here.

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