Mara Wilson Releases New Book “Where Am I Now?” and Announces Book Tour!


Mara Wilson – who most of us know as the young girl that stole our hearts in films like Matilda and Mrs. Doubtfire – is all grown up now and is telling us what it was like to grow up accidentally famous.

In her book“Where Am I Now?” Wilson describes her experiences in a series of essays, discussing everything from the moment she decided to try out acting to the moment she realized that it was time to split up with the big screen. Her book is full of hilarious and heartbreaking commentaries that give off the all too real feeling of understanding what it is like to go through the internal and external struggles of growing up and learning about the bizarre thing we call life.

If anyone is looking for an interesting and genuinely thoughtful book to check out, we definitely suggest reading “Where Am I Now?” You can purchase this book on Penguin. Wilson also tweeted that she will be doing a book tour throughout September.

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