Hilarie Burton Morgan Cast as Negan’s Wife in ‘The Walking Dead’

Hilarie Burton Morgan in 'Council of Dads' Courtesy of NBC.


Comicbook is exclusively reporting that Hilarie Burton Morgan has been cast as Negan’s (played by real-life husband Jeffrey Dean Morgan) wife Lucille in The Walking Dead! Burton’s role is a guest star spot, airing as part of the additional six episodes ordered by AMC that will air in 2021.

If you are unfamiliar with Negan lore, before the literal zombie apocalypse started, Negan was married to Lucille. Unfortunately, Lucille had been diagnosed with cancer, and she lost her tragic battle. Although their relationship wasn’t perfect, after her diagnosis, Negan invested all his time with Lucille. When she passed and the virus ultimately began to spread, Negan named his zombie (and people) killing baseball bat after his wife. Because the six upcoming episodes will follow individual character stories, it seems that we will finally get a deeper look at Negan’s backstory in some way.


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