New ‘The LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special’ Trailer Released


It’s going to be a pretty interesting Life Day as past and present Star Wars characters come face-to-face in The LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special. Now, fans have a hilarious first look at the Life Day story in the new trailer.

In the trailer, Rey finds a mystical key that sends her traveling through space and time, meeting up with iconic characters from the past seemingly bringing the different Star Wars eras together. Some of the most exciting moments in the trailer include an older Han Solo and a younger Han Solo working together and Rey battling Darth Vader then both of them pausing to admire how adorable The Child from The Mandalorian is.

You can watch the fun, fast-paced trailer below.

Also released is the official poster for The LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special. Three iconic Star Wars actors reprised their roles in the holiday special, including Kelly Marie Tran who plays Rose Tico in the sequel trilogy. She says Rose plays a prominent role in the new Life Day story.

The LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special is coming to Disney+ on November 17.

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