A ‘Wayward Sisters’ Supernatural Spinoff Is Coming

Deadline dropped some big news on the Supernatural fandom today, stating that the CW is preparing for a new spinoff, Wayward Sisters, starring Kim Rhodes (Sheriff Jody Mills).

This project is something fans have been hoping for years to happen.

The article also states that the series is being developed as a spinoff and will have a “backdoor pilot airing as an episode of Supernatural‘s upcoming 13th season. Briana Buckmaster, Kathryn Newton and Katherine Ramdeen are a big part of the Wayward movement, so hopefully they’ll be on board as well. As of now, Deadline is only reporting that Kim Rhodes has signed on.

The Wayward movement, which is also known as “Wayward AF”, started with Wayward Daughters and the women who founded it, Betty and Riley. Wayward Daughters partnered with Kim Rhodes and Briana Buckmaster, who have been completely supportive and also created a campaign called “Wayward AF”, which has now expanded into a movement. Another “Wayward AF” campaign is set to launch tomorrow.

Here’s more about Wayward Daughters:

“Wayward Daughters” started as an idea for a “Supernatural” spin-off, focusing on the perspective of female characters. It grew into something much larger. It showed us that when we linked hands and formed a community, we were no longer lost no matter where we were. It celebrated individual voices with a chorus we could all sing together. The term “wayward” took on a meaning of support and defiance. We proclaimed loudly that we were exactly where we were meant to be, we would survive with the help of each other, and we COULD, in fact, change the world.”

There’s no official word from the CW yet. However, Robert Berens just tweeted about it, so this leans more towards a confirmation.

Kim also tweeted about it:

We can’t wait.


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