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Captain Jack Will Be Back in ‘Doctor Who’ Holiday Special ‘Revolution of The Daleks’

Doctor Who fan-favorite Captain Jack Harkness is back for a new adventure

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Legendary Comics Announces Special Print Edition of ‘Acursian’ Starring John Barrowman

Legendary Comics has announced that its series Acursian will be released in

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This Week Get a Free ‘Torchwood’ Episode from Big Finish

Since the start of lockdown, Big Finish has given away over 100,000

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John Barrowman Joins Cameo!

The impressively talented triple threat John Barrowman has just joined Cameo! Barrowman,

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First Wave of Virtual Guest Announcements for Armageddon Expo

Over the past few months, we’ve had so many cancellations due to

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Stephen Amell and Andrew Harding Release New Podcast ‘How’d You Do It?’

Stephen Amell and Andrew Harding announced on April 29 their new podcast

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John Barrowman and Alex Kingston Team Up in ‘The Lives of Captain Jack Volume Three’

Fans have been dreaming of this for years and it’s finally happening!

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James Marsters is Back as Captain John Hart in ‘Torchwood: The Sins of Captain John’

Twelve years after his tv debut in Torchwood episode "Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang," Captain

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‘Torchwood’ Takes Over Telford at Wales Comic Con

Since tickets went on sale for Wales Comic Con: Telford Takeover mid-December,

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