‘Walker’ Recap: Season 4, Episode 12 “Letting Go”


The penultimate episode of Walker is here, and we’re dealing with the aftermath of last week’s episode — Cordi is saved, but, unfortunately, we lose Detective David Luna.

Let’s dive in!

The Arrest

The episode picks up where episode 11 ended; Trey and Larry save Cordell from the shallow grave, giving him the antidote. They hear Cassie scream for Luna, and Trey finds her. Trey covers Luna’s body and consoles her as Cassie screams. Larry and Cordi arrive to see Luna’s body. Trey sits Cordi down next to Cassie and tells her to watch him.

Trey and Larry go to find the Jackal, and a gunfight ensues. Larry gets shot in his bulletproof vest, and Trey engages in a fight with the man. He overpowers Trey, but at the last minute Larry gets up and points a gun at him and they arrest him.

The entire Walker family is in the hospital visiting Cordell. A doctor tells them they need to let him rest, but Cordi asks to talk to Stella alone. He asks about her going off on her own, and she says she only did what he would have done.

Back in the waiting room, they see Larry. He’s okay, the bullet only hit his vest. Kelly arrives, and Larry says that before he can go home he needs to go check on Cassie who is with the medical examiner with Luna’s body.

Geri and Cordi

After Cordi’s released, he’s back at the ranch and ready to head into work. Geri talks to him about returning, and he says he’s taking it easy. Cordi reveals the Jackal’s name — Cole Tillman. Geri stops him before he goes, and says that he lied to her about staying late at the office and instead he got a motel. She’s also upset that he was struggling and didn’t say anything. Geri says they’ve hardly spoken, and Cordi agrees and also has flashbacks to his dream, saying she deserves the best.

The CW

The Voicemail

At home, Cassie finds some of Luna’s things hanging around. She sits down on the bed and calls his phone, hearing his voicemail, saying she just wanted to hear his voice as she breaks down crying. She tells him in the voicemail that she was sorry that she didn’t get to the grave first, or in time to save him. She also said that she was sorry that she never got the chance to say she loved him.

The Interrogation

At HQ, they talk about having to question Cole and prove he was the Jackal. Larry tells them how he has an adult daughter, Rebecca Tillman. The mom died during childbirth. Cassie and Trey are going to question the daughter, while Larry and Cordi question Cole.

In the interrogation room, Cole claims he was out in the woods hunting. They tell him that they have DNA under Luna’s fingernails that the lab is running now. They try to pressure him, but he doesn’t give. He does say, “You are trying to force me into a box… but I won’t fit in there.” Cordi recognizes that this sounds familiar. They bring up Rebecca, his daughter.

Cassie and Trey talk to Rebecca, who says she’s not close with her dad. Trey tells her that she called her Dad on February 5, the day of August’s Boot Camp graduation — something Cole brings up. He brings up Cordi missing the ceremony. He calls Cordi a “scumbag parent”, and Cordi gets angry. As Larry and Cordi go out into the hallway, Cordi asks if Cole bought it — he was acting like Cole was getting under his skin to bait him.

Cordi again realizes the “box” comment and it flashes to Hoyt saying it in the dream. He tells Larry he thinks he’s remembering the Jackal taking him into the woods. Cassie and Trey let Rebecca go. Cassie comes over and tells Cordi that Cole isn’t responsible for Luna’s death, she blames Luna’s death on Cordi. She warned him someone would get hurt if he went rogue, and he ignored her.

At his desk, Cordi is going over the Jackal case. Trey comes over, and Cordi tells him about the box comment and how it sounded like Hoyt. He says that he thinks he was talking to someone else, too, and Larry comes over and hears. They ask if there could be an accomplice. Cassie comes over and says the results from the DNA are in, and it’s a 50% match for Cole — meaning it would have to be a relative or someone close to him — Rebecca.

The CW

They scramble and put out an APB for Rebecca and send out a manhunt for her. Cordi and Larry go back to Cole and ask him where Rebecca is heading. He denies talking to her — and they finally get him to talk by saying that they’ll bring her in alive and that he’ll be a good parent by helping them. He tells them that they made a plan and they had things at her worksite to get.

The Rangers suit up and get ready to head out, only to realize Cassie took her car and went there alone. Trey, Larry, and Cordi rush off to the site to look for Cassie and Rebecca. Cassie and Rebecca engage in a shootout, and Cassie ends up chasing Rebecca a few stories up. Rebecca slips and goes over the edge, hanging onto a piece of wood as Larry, Cordi, and Trey look on. Cassie sees the wounds on Rebecca’s arm where Luna scratched her. Cassie doesn’t want to save her, but Cordi talks her down, telling her not to let her grief do something she’ll regret. Cassie ends up reaching out a hand to lift Rebecca up and they arrest her.

The Retirement

Bonham and Abby are at the Ranch and they talk about their retirement plans. Abby tells Bonham that after everything that happened, it was a reminder that life is short. She said she should have found a middle ground, and Bonham says it’s not all her fault. He says that he doesn’t think the event business is a bad idea, especially seeing how happy it makes her. Abby says she understands where he was coming from with the boat, and he loved cruising the Mediterranean with him.

The Press Conference

The Rangers give a press conference where they announce the arrests of Cole and Rebecca and the closure of the Jackal case. Larry also acknowledges the loss of the victims, as well as Luna.

Back in his office, Larry takes the pictures of Cole and Rebecca and places them in his journal, face down, in a pocket. He also sees a photo of Luna and places it face up, right on top. He then puts his journal away in a locked drawer.

Cordi goes by Cassie’s desk and says they need to talk; Cassie agrees but says not today. Trey is seen taking down all of the info with the victims of the Jackal and putting it away.

Coming Home

Geri arrives at her house to see Cassie on the couch. She talks to her about what happened after Hoyt died. The two hug as Geri comforts her.

Cordi arrives home to see Stella and Auggie asleep on the couch. He goes to sit with them, and Stella wakes up. She tells him there’s extra chili heated up to eat, and they decide to talk tomorrow. Stella cuddles into Cordi and hugs him as the episode ends.

Walker airs Wednesday nights on The CW. Make sure to watch the series finale next week, June 26.

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