Josh Gad Teases Potential ‘Spaceballs’ Sequel


Is Spaceballs 2 finally happening?

Actor Josh Gad (Frozen, Beauty and the Beast, The Book of Mormon) recently shared a post on Instagram that has sent fans spiraling.

In the post’s caption, Gad wrote, “Just handed in a film script that I think may be the funniest and best thing I’ve ever worked on and I am so freaking excited.”

Though he heavily redacted the photo, he didn’t hide enough: in the section showing “Based on Characters Created By,” eagle-eyed fans were able to read the name “Mel” and the “k” and “s” in “Brooks.” The second page also opens with an exterior shot of a “star field.”

Released in 1987, Spaceballs was Mel Brooks’s satirization of Star Wars and other popular sci-fi films of the time, featuring space pilot Lone Starr (Bill Pullman) and his half-man, half-dog sidekick Barf (John Candy) as they raced around the galaxy to save Princess Vespa (Daphne Zuniga) from the evil Dark Helmet (Rick Moranis).

Though it received mixed reviews upon its release, it has become a fan favorite and remains an iconic and beloved part of Brooks’s library to this day.

In 2015, Brooks appeared on Adam Corolla’s “Take a Knee” podcast, joking that the sequel would be called Spaceballs 2: The Search for More Money – quoting the wise yet sarcastic Yogurt’s (Brooks) line from the original movie – and that he would have loved to release it just a few weeks after Star Wars: The Force Awakens came out.

While that dream may not have become a reality, perhaps Gad can use The Schwartz to get the band back together – including the long-retired Moranis – to make Brooks more money. 

Are you excited for a possible Spaceballs sequel?

Check out Gad’s cryptic Instagram post below:

Haylee Fisher
Haylee Fisher
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