‘Love Again’ Review: A Pure-Hearted Romantic Comedy


Sony Pictures’ new romantic comedy Love Again, stars Sam Heughan and Priyanka Chopra Jonas, has arrived in theaters. This film explores navigating love after loss and what happens when you open your heart to possibility.

Love Again follows two main characters. The first character we meet is Mira Ray, played by the lovely Priyanka Chopra Jonas. Mira begins the movie happy and in love, but things soon take a heartbreaking turn. With a two-year time jump, we see how Mira is dealing after the tragic loss of her boyfriend. This once-successful children’s book illustrator hasn’t turned in a usable art piece since the tragedy. Having effectively hidden her heart away through the process of grief, it is clear she hasn’t fully mourned her loss and the potential future they could have had. Sam Heughan plays Rob Burns. Rob is a music critic that has locked his heart away from love. We learn why when we see his fiancé left him a week before their wedding. This shocking and humiliating betrayal has turned Rob into a hermit that sits and watches basketball alone every weekend. His routine is disrupted when he gets assigned a new work phone.

This phone just so happens to have the same number as Mira’s deceased boyfriend. Mira has been grieving by texting his number telling him about life and her struggles. Through these texts, Rob feels like he has connected to Mira and understands her grief in his own way. Fate steps in when the two continue to meet in their daily lives making a true connection and bringing each other back to life.

Love Again navigates its way through the difficult topic of the loss of a loved one. Priyanka does a beautiful job of bringing pain and grief through Mira without letting the character drown in it. The audience can feel and understand her actions and the reasons behind them. Heughan gets a chance to let his comedic talents shine and brings a kind, understanding, Rob to the screen. One character that needs to be singled out is Celine Dion as herself. In her first role on the big screen, Dion shows a genuine and graceful spirit on the screen as she helps guide Rob on his road to Mira. The scenes she shares with Heughan are sweet and heartfelt. Also by lending a new original song, along with several of her classics to the film, Dion adds to the charm of this modern-day romantic comedy.

Director James C. Strouse has brought a sweet and pure-hearted film to its viewers. These characters are adorably awkward, and like us, have their moments of cringe. Through the tears, difficult first dates, singing in the shower, and sincere moments, they will touch your heart. The main takeaway from this movie is that grief will always be a part of us that is inescapable, but we cannot stop living. I recommend you stay for the fun singalong credits that are a perfect bookend for this nice simple romantic comedy.

Love Again is now in theaters. You can find ticket information and more information about the film here.

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