‘Citadel’ Recap: Season 1 Episode 3 “Infinite Shadows”


Citadel follows two spies in their attempts to recover their past. After the fall of a global spy agency, something sinister is rising in its place.

Catching Up

Episode three shows that the Russo brothers have a theme with their opening shots in this series, beginning upside down. As the camera rights itself, we hear the sounds of Bernard being tortured. While Bernard is at one end of the table, Archer is enjoying a meal and smiling at the other end. Archer shows her plan by explaining they just want the code to unlock the device. The device in question can show where every nuclear weapon is around the globe.

Leaving viewers worried about Bernard, we catch up with Mason and Nadia dealing with the fallout after the attack in Spain. Nadia disables the tracker on the X case and takes Mason to a Citadel safehouse. Mason is struggling with all this new knowledge and asks Nadia if he can trust her. With a scoff, she notes that this isn’t the first time he has asked her that. Filling her in on his wife and kid, Mason can tell they have a history together, but Nadia brushes it off as nothing major.

10 Years Ago

This episode gives us the backstory of how Mason and Nadia first met. Mason and Bernard are being briefed about a dangerous new virus that must be stopped. He hears there is a newbie undercover that will help him, and wonders who that could be. We jump to Mason running out of the building with explosions going off. Viewers get to see some of the futuristic technology Citadel has to help their spies. There is a man in front of the screen who can tell Mason how many enemies are headed his way and even how extensive his injuries are. With the virus in hand and surrounded, Mason does the only thing he can and jumps off a cliff. Having landed, he activates some Ironman-looking snowshoes to escape. After running out of snow and being severely injured, it looks like this is it for the agent Alfa, aka Mason. From the crowd of enemies, we see a familiar face step forward, Nadia aka Agent Gemini. With Bernard in his ear telling him that she is his backup, they make a dramatic move. Escaping the ambush, they are able to make it to an extraction point and are home-free.

We see Mason all patched up as Nadia comes to introduce herself. This is where the chemistry between these two characters shines. Starting the conversation by calling him out about almost blowing the mission, Nadia shows her fiery personality. Mason rebuttals that he had it under control and didn’t need a newbie. Viewers learn that Nadia had a mother that worked for Citadel, and in turn, Mason had no mother figure in his life. They dance around each other with flirtatious sparks flying. We jump in time two weeks and see our spies falling into bed together. The morning after the important question is asked by both, “Can I trust you?”

You Need Me

Back in the present time, we see Nadia messaging someone in code. They go back and forth about a package that is waiting on her. Visibly shaken by this exchange, she tells the mystery person to be prepared, she is on her way. Mason checks in with his wife Abby explaining how he has met Nadia. Understandably Abby is unsure and jealous, knowing he isn’t telling her everything. Reassuring her everything is fine and he is fighting to keep his family safe, they hang up.

We see Mason’s daughter Hendrix spending time learning about knives from Bernard’s daughter. Joe and Abby talk about how she and Mason met. This seemingly normal conversation takes a suspicious turn when Abby tells how she and Mason met in a program. Abby suffered from major brain trauma and memory loss. A program to help patients with memory issues is where she met and fell for Mason.

Nadia presents Mason with money telling him to catch a flight home. Insisting he needs to help, Nadia explains he doesn’t even know who he is and is a liability. With the comment, “We are two flashing white lights in a sea of red.” Mason ignites a thought in Nadia. Opening the case she begins to click on some of the red dots, realizing some are S.O.S. signals. Seeing this, Nadia knows where she needs to go, and Mason convinces her to let him come along.

Not What It Seems

Nadia learned through the X case that one of their fellow agents was being held hostage. To locate the agent she needs specific codes that she cannot get herself. Mason walks into the meeting with the crime lord as confidently as he can. With Nadia in his ear, all he had to do is keep the device close enough for Nadia to hack the codes. While keeping the conversation going, the crime lord reveals something Mason was not aware of. Nadia senses where the discussion is heading and tells Mason she has what they need and to leave. Mason wanted to hear what the man has to say and stays. There were whispers in the spy world that Nadia was an undercover Manticore spy that brought down Citadel from the inside. This information leaves Mason reeling as he pulls a maneuver to escape. Confronting Nadia afterwards, she insists that if she was Manticore, Mason would be dead already. Now with the codes, they head to try to locate their fellow spy.

Caged Bird

Having been continuously tortured, Bernard is looking worse for wear as we see Anders Slije enter the room. Archer has made it clear she has the upper hand. Manticore is closing in on the safe house where Bernard and Mason’s families are hiding out. Bernard is still holding out with the code, so Archer brings up a device that could enter the brain stem and take the memories they need. Since Bernard will not give the code willingly it seems Anders will take it as he closes in with the machine. Not wanting the brute digging around in his mind Bernard offers up some important information, Anders’ love is alive.

This shocking revelation causes the man to stop the drill. Not entirely believing Bernard he demands proof. Giving Bernard his phone he shows Anders a photo of Mason with his wife and daughter. Explaining that Abby, Mason’s wife, is in fact Anders long lost love. The episode ends with Bernard making a deal with Anders to help him escape as Queen’s song Keep Yourself Alive plays.

Citadel is available to stream on Prime Video with new episodes every Friday.

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