Fangamer Releases New ‘Spiritfarer’ Merchandise


In 2020, Thunder Lotus released its cozy, emotional, award-winning game Spiritfarer. In it, you play as Stella, a ferrymaster tasked with befriending and caring for spirits until they’re ready to move into the afterlife. Along the way, you can fish, cook, craft, mine, and farm while traversing the seas to new locations. Since its debut, the game has made a significant impression on players, so much so that it has its own merch — and two new items were just added via Fangamer.

The first new item is a plush version of one of the most beloved spirits from the game: Uncle Atul. Created by Nina Matsumoto, the plush finally gives players a huggable version of Atul. The design shows Atul with outstretched arms and smile to match. He bears his signature shawl with his spirit flower nestled at the center.

The second item is a stationary set by Yesica Furrow. It comes with two sticker sheets, two 50-page notepads, and a pen starring the best cat, Daffodil. The sticker sheets feature key items and places from the games. One includes all of the spirit flowers collected throughout the game, while the second centers on recurring places and characters: Francis, Raccoon Inc., Alex and the bus stops, Susan’s Museum, Albert’s shipyard, and the tour brochures. Similarly, the notepads pull designs from the Raccoon Inc. shops and, of course, the Everdoor.

Prior merch is also still available to purchase. If you haven’t yet, grab Matsumoto’s plush version of Daffodil. It’s perfect for cuddling up with and a must-have addition to any Stella cosplays. If t-shirts are more your speed, Ian Wilding’s “Stellar Shipmates” tee is back in stock in a wide range of unisex and women’s sizes. The gorgeous design centers on Stella and Daffodil poised above the Everdoor, with some tear-jerk worthy details on Stella’s hat.

Spiritfarer is available to own on Steam, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, and Xbox. It’s available to play on mobile via Netflix Games.

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