‘Big Sky’ Recap: Season 3, Episode 3 “A Brief History of Crime”

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On this week’s episode of Big Sky, the plot thickens as a new criminal is introduced and it’s not who we’d expect; Jenny’s mother. Beau and Jenny must team up to help her while Cassie chases down a lead on the missing hiker. Read on to find out what happened in this week’s episode of Big Sky, “A Brief History of Crime.”

Mother Dearest

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Things got even more complicated for Jenny when her mother arrives in town. A conwoman always on the move, Jenny instantly recognizes the fake company name when it comes across her desk during a case. Jenny and Beau track her down to a hotel room where she informs Jenny her partner stole her cash and she’s followed him here to take it back. Wanting to help her mother despite herself, Beau and Jenny set up a sting to bust the man. Undercover as husband and wife looking for an investment opportunity, they use money from the precinct to bust the guy.

Everything goes according to plan… mostly. Beau ends up throwing the partner’s bodyguard through a window, while Jenny is forced to chase him down on the roof. When they return to the office, the money is gone. Jenny realizes her mother set them up, knowing the partner would cause a scene and she’d be able to sneak in and take the cash. The biggest shock of them all? She takes that money right to Tonya and Donno. Jenny is understandably furious at being duped by her mother and vows to find her and retrieve the money.

On the Trails

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Still hot on the case of the missing hiker (that we know is dead), Cassie and Denise receive a call from his mother when he emails an ‘update’ on his hiking. The email contains a photo and a message that he is fine, but his specified location is much farther away than expected and the mother finds it suspicious. He’d typically just call or text. The duo set out to find the exact spot of the photo happening upon none other than Walter on their drive to the trail. Cassie very nearly sees the body in the back of his truck, but Denise calls her away from near death (yet again). When they do find the location, Cassie notes that the peaks have snow on them in the photo but there’s simply no way they would be snow-covered now. The photo is fake or old, which begs the question, who is sending these ‘updates’ and why?

Sunny and Walter’s House of Crime

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With Luke’s miraculous return to the camp, he spins quite the tale of a fight between him and Paige. He tells anyone who will listen they got lost, he fell and hit his head, and when he woke she was gone. Obviously, she decided to come back to camp, take all her things, and leave immediately, hiking her way back to town. Without telling anyone. Or anyone seeing her. Interesting story that some believe and others don’t, the latter being mainly Emily, a few campers, and Sunny’s husband. Sunny departs to check the tent and returns claiming that Paige’s things are indeed gone.

Emily doesn’t buy a single inch of this story and returns to the woods to find the knife that her father gave her (and that she sleeps with under her pillow), much to the annoyance of Avery who seems determined to keep her out of it and not let her out of his sight.

With suspicions mostly dulled, Sunny ventures to Walter’s place in the woods to ask if he knows anything about Paige but he swears he hasn’t seen her. With the likelihood of this drawing more suspicions, she tells Walter he needs to move the fallen hiker’s dead body somewhere more remote. Walter digs up the body, but on the way to dumping it, he has car troubles. Broken down but fixing the truck, Cassie and Denise spot him and stop to offer help. When Cassie approaches she notes the tarp in the backseat and asks him what’s under it. He reaches for a knife but before he can act, Denise calls her back and they depart. Walter completes the mission but when Sunny learns of Cassie seeing him she’s furious.

Late that night, Sunny digs a hole in the woods. Once it’s deep enough she grabs a bag, Paige’s bag throwing it into the hole in an attempt to keep the disappearance of another hiker from the eyes of local law enforcement. Whether her tactics will work remains to be seen.

Big Sky: Deadly Trails airs on Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET/9 p.m. CT on ABC. If you haven’t already, be sure to catch up on the first two seasons on Hulu, check out our other content on the show here (including episodic recaps), and stay tuned for more updates.

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