The Ultimate Guide to Attending Creation Entertainment Conventions

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Every year, Creation Entertainment puts on multiple conventions for various fandoms, including Supernatural, Stranger Things, Star Trek, The Vampire Diaries, and more. With a lot of people attending these conventions for the first time, we’ve compiled some tips and tricks to create the ultimate guide to attending a Creation Entertainment convention!

COVID Test, Registration, Tickets

The first thing you’ll want to do when you arrive at the convention is getting your COVID test. Right now, Creation is requiring a negative test to attend their conventions. You can either bring results from a test you took at a pharmacy or testing site (the test must be completed no longer than 36 hours ahead of when you register), or you can bring an at-home test that you’ll have to take in front of a Creation team member. There are also a limited amount of tests available to purchase there, but we recommend either getting it done beforehand or bringing your own test in.

After you get cleared for the COVID testing and get your wristband, check the schedule of when your pass can register. We recommend registering on Thursday night (usually the first night of the convention unless your convention is 4-days, then you’ll want to do it on Wednesday). If you have a Gold, Silver, Copper, or GA Weekend pass, you can register early. Make sure to check the schedule for the specific times registration opens for each pass. Usually, Gold & VIP go first followed by Silver, Copper, and GA.

After you register, you’ll need to exchange any PDF tickets for specific guests. For Supernatural conventions, for example, you’ll need to exchange PDF tickets for hard copy tickets for anything that includes Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, or Misha Collins. There’s usually a table set up in or near the vendor room, where you give them your PDF printout, and they’ll hand you a hard copy ticket. Make sure to keep these in a safe place, as they have no way to replace them.


Autographs usually take place in the main ballroom and are at specific times as laid out in the schedule. For some conventions, like Supernatural, only certain actors are signing with a specific pass. Therefore, if you want an autograph from Jared Padalecki or Jensen Ackles, you must purchase a Gold or Silver pass, and there are no separate tickets available to purchase for those autographs. For everyone else, you’re able to buy tickets either online at Creation’s website or at the convention as long as they’re not sold out.

For obtaining your autos, you’ll sit in the ballroom until they call your ticket by row or type (they’ll also put it up on the screens next to the stage). If you are not a Gold or Silver pass and the actor is accepting PDFs or autograph tickets, you’ll be called when it’s your turn. Gold or Silver always goes first. Make sure to have your item out and ready to sign! Some actors allow for personalizations (such as your name) and a Creation team member will write your name on a sticky note and give it to you. However, some do not allow personalization so be mindful of that as well.

Keep your interactions short and sweet, and remember there is a line behind you. If you want a longer conversation, consider bidding on a meet and greet!

Photo Ops

Photos are a great way to have some fun at conventions. You can purchase a ticket either online on Creation’s website, or at the convention. The schedule will lay out when each photo op is scheduled to take place. It’s best to get the tickets for the photo ops you really want early, as some may sell out before the convention.

Some of the photo ops where they expect a large number of people will be called by number in the ballroom, so make sure to sit in there to see when your op is called, and don’t crowd around the op room. Each photo op ticket has a number, so for some of the actors, they’ll start with 1-50, then 1-100, etc. It will be displayed on the screens in the ballroom, so you’ll have to wait there to see when it’s your turn. If you have more than one op ticket for the same person or group, you can take them back to back, and you can line up with the earliest ticket number you have.

For other ops, you can arrive where the photo ops are taking place and ask where the line is. Please do not line up early, and remember that sometimes things shift and the ops might be a few minutes behind. Make sure to check in the ballroom or with the nearest Creation team member for questions.

For photos, remember to be respectful. You can ask for a hug, etc. for the pose, but please consult the Creation team and/or the actor before any hugs or poses to see if they’re allowed.

Vendor Room

The vendor room is a great place to check out all fandom-related items! Vendors have booths set up where you can purchase some great items relating to the fandom at which convention you’re at. They often sell some great things that you can get signed for your autos so you don’t need to bring something with you. There’s so many wonderful hand-made one-of-a-kind items here, so definitely bring some extra spending money to use here.

Creation also has a huge table with merch as well as 8×10 photos.

Also in the vendor room, there might be some actors and/or musicians that have booths set up. For the Supernatural conventions, often Louden Swain and Jason Manns have tables where you can buy merch (Jason also meets at his table at select times). Some actors, also hold their autographs in there, so make sure to check out the schedule for more information, as this will be listed there.

If you’re at a Supernatural convention, usually on Saturdays, Louden Swain will do a “vendor jam” which is right before their scheduled autographs. The band will play a few songs acoustically, and it’s something that you don’t want to miss!

Meet & Greets

Meet & Greets are special blocks of times that you can purchase that give you an opportunity to meet an actor or celebrity and ask questions among a limited amount of people. There are usually only 10-20 people, depending on the meet & greet, and you all sit in a circle and take turns asking questions. It’s really intimate and a great experience. Everything in the meet & greet is also kept between those in there, so the actors are more forthcoming with information about new projects, etc.

Creation Entertainment will hold an auction usually a few weeks before the convention, and the only way to purchase a meet & greet is to win one via auction. You can read more about meet & greets, here.

Special Events

Special events are so much fun! Whether it’s a game night, pajama party, dinner, or more, they’re a great way to have a fun experience with one of the convention guests!

For Supernatural, Kim Rhodes and Briana Buckmaster often host a Pajama Party on Thursday nights, which consists of a limited amount of guests and Kim and Briana, dressed in pajamas, where you chat, eat dinner (usually Pizza or something similar) and hang out.

The Supernatural conventions are also known for a kick-ass concert on Saturday night, the Saturday Night Special, where Rob Benedict and band Louden Swain put together a rock show featuring their own songs, covers, and special guests including some of the actors. The concert is included in a Gold, Silver, or Copper ticket, and is available to purchase separately for other convention tickets.

There’s also Ruth’s Witching Hour, Sammies with Sammie, Jason’s Mann Cave, and other similar events where you get to hang out with an actor or celebrity in a fun setting. These experiences are available to purchase on Creation’s website under the convention you’re interested in attending. The events often change with each convention and guest, so make sure to check out what’s available for your con.

Staff Photographer – Mandi Lea Photography


On days of the convention, there is usually programming from open to close in the main ballroom. There are Q&A panels where the actors get up on stage and you’re able to ask questions. These usually last about 45 minutes.

You’re able to ask the guests a question by lining up on the sides of the ballroom where there will be a microphone and a Creation team member. Some panels, such as Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, and Misha Collins for Supernatural conventions, are done by a lottery system. There is a table set up either near registration or in the vendor’s room (ask Creation if you cannot find it) where you can write your name down if you want to get a question and names will be chosen at random before the panel. This helps alleviate a mass rush to the microphones, etc.

Questions should be short and limited to one question, not multiple. Also, while the actors mean a lot to you (they do to everyone at the convention), it’s best to not share personal stories at this time so that as many people can ask questions as possible. Personal requests (such as taking a photo, shoutouts, singing Happy Birthday, etc.) are not allowed.

The rooms often get cold, so make sure you take a sweater or jacket just in case. Also, it’s best to keep some food with you, like granola bars, crackers, etc., and water, to make sure you stay hydrated. The convention is often so packed with programming it’s easy to forget to hydrate and eat something!

Auctions, Trivia, and More

When there aren’t panels going on, the main ballroom will often have other programming such as trivia and auctions. There’s yes/no trivia (where you hold up signs that say “Yes” or “No” and answer the question), or regular trivia. There are often prizes such as gift cards to use for Creation merch and more.

There are also auctions held, where Creation auctions off things like signed banners from the convention as well as other signed and unsigned items from your convention and other conventions. These are a great way to grab unique items for your collection!

Staff Photographer – Mandi Lea Photography


Karaoke is a free event that Creation holds on Friday nights where fans can have fun with some of the actors from the convention. There will be sign-ups earlier in the day (see the schedule for times/locations) where you can submit a song request. Right now, it’s limited to a group of 2 people on stage for one song. The names will be drawn at random during Karaoke, so be ready! You don’t need to sing karaoke to enjoy it, though. You can still attend and dance and sing along. Karaoke is a fun atmosphere, so make sure to check it out!


There are a few etiquette rules to follow while attending a convention.

  • Be respectful to fellow fans, actors, guests, and Creation team members.
  • For panels: keep questions short, no personal stories or requests.
  • Do not shout from the audience.
  • For photos: ask before any hugs, poses, etc.

In general, just remember to be respectful, have fun, and you’re sure to have a great time! Conventions are a wonderful experience and a place for so many to make new friends.

For a list of Creation Entertainment conventions near you, visit Creation’s website.

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