Sunday, March 26, 2023

‘Loki’: No, That Wasn’t Mephisto in Episode 1

TELEVISIONDISNEY+'Loki': No, That Wasn't Mephisto in Episode 1

I know how it looks, but no, that wasn’t Mephisto in the window of the church in Loki’s season premiere.

Look, it makes perfect sense. Loki has major ties to Mephisto in the comics, it literally looked like Mephisto — let’s be honest, we want it to be Mephisto. But it’s not him.

“It’s honestly just a super weird coincidence. Like, it’s genuinely a reference to Loki — the horns, he was cast out of heaven, that’s what it’s a reference to. Because we filmed that a long time before– I think WandaVision must have been in post when we filmed that. I did see all the stuff about that online and I was like, ‘Oh, this is going to be interesting.’ [Laughs] But no, it’s more relevant to the themes of our show and it’s not a nod to that character.”

Kate Herron, ‘Loki’ Director

Director Kate Herron debunked this theory in an interview with Entertainment Tonight before the series premiere, and honestly, we thank her for stopping us before we began. We didn’t need a WandaVision repeat. (I was guilty of it, I’ll admit it.)

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So rest easy comic fans, it’s not him. But you know what? That absolutely was a nod to Nightmare when Mobius and Loki where walking through the halls talking about the Nightmare Department. We won’t let them take that from us.

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