Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Interview: David Cross and Tom Putnam discuss ‘The Dark Divide’ and the Mysteries of Bigfoot [EXCLUSIVE]

INTERVIEWSInterview: David Cross and Tom Putnam discuss 'The Dark Divide' and the...

Celebrating the release of The Dark Divide on streaming, Nerds and Beyond had the pleasure of chatting with star David Cross and director Tom Putnam about their moving film adaptation of environmentalist Robert Pyle’s memoir (‘Where Bigfoot Walks: Crossing the Dark Divide’)We spoke about the challenges of filming on location in the wilderness (like surprise mountain lions!), and finding meaning or metaphor in the Bigfoot mystery.

The Dark Divide, inspired by Robert Pyle’s 1995 trek through the Washington wilderness following the death of his wife, is a surprisingly tender and often funny film that layers a story of personal loss with larger issues of environmentalism, conservation, and the hubris of modern science. Grief is a forest and nothing captures that feeling like overwhelming hugeness of the Cascade Mountains that Pyle finds himself lost in.

Warning: interview contains mild spoilers.

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The Dark Divide is now available to rent on Amazon Prime.

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