Christopher Eccleston Is Back as The Doctor in Big Finish’s ‘The Ninth Doctor Adventures: Ravagers’


Fantastic! The Ninth Doctor is back for three new adventures in the first volume of Doctor Who: The Ninth Doctor Adventures – Ravagers, and Christopher Eccleston himself is back playing the Time Lord. The first volume of Big Finish’s new range is already out and the other box set will be released in August 2021, November 2021, and February 2022.

Christopher Eccleston is joined in the new Doctor Who adventures by Camilla Beeput (Nova), Clare Corbett (Ravager), Ben Lee (Lieutenant Farraday), Jayne McKenna (Audrey), Jamie Parker (Captain Halloran), and Dan Starkey (Marcus Aurelius Gallius).

The three new stories are written and directed by Nicholas Briggs:

1.1 Sphere of Freedom

“On the Sphere of Freedom, the Doctor is about to shut down an evil Immersive Games business empire. He’s assisted by a valiant galley chef called Nova. But his plan spectacularly fails… And who exactly is Audrey?”

1.2 Cataclysm

“Nova is dislocated in time while the Time Eddies are out of control. Meanwhile, the Doctor is about to face the end of the universe. Or is that just the Battle of Waterloo?”

1.3 Food Fight 

“The TARDIS is starting to get a little crowded! Audrey finds herself haunted by a ghostly Doctor.”

You can watch the trailer here:

Doctor Who: The Ninth Doctor Adventures – Ravagers is available to purchase on the Big Finish website as a CD or a download. Listeners can buy a bundle of the four volumes to save money.

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