WATCH: Escape Looms on the Horizon in New ‘Prodigal Son’ Trailer “Can’t Keep A Good Man Down”

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To quote The Office,”No, God. No, God please no. No. NO. NOOOOOO.”

FOX has just released the latest trailer for the upcoming back half of Prodigal Son‘s second season, and there’s … a lot going on to say the least, notably two things that we predicted over here at Nerds but prayed we were wrong about — but more on that in a second. If you haven’t already, make sure to check out the eventful promo down below.

This newest video is very Martin-centric (wouldn’t he just love that?), seemingly confirming some shocking events that we had only dared to theorize about. First of all, Martin and Dr. Capshaw are seen locking lips (*barf*) as she hands him a pair of scissors in his cell. The following scenes are montages of what looks to be a prison break led by Dr. Whitly himself, complete with Dr. Capshaw unbuckling Martin’s tether and kicking a guard to let them through.

None of that’s even to mention clips of Malcolm scaling what seems to be Claremont’s fence, Jessica and her children toasting “to getting away with murder” (we are worried about Hoxley’s fate), Dani shooting worried looks, and Jessica desperately screaming “he’s escaping!” while pressed up against a glass window.

All this happens to the tune of “We Gotta Get Out Of This Place” by The Animals — a rather ingenious (if not unfortunate) music cue for the chaos happening in this jam-packed 40-second clip.

While all of the things occurring in the video seem to be pretty straightforward, we can’t help but wonder if we’re somehow being faked out once again — this show’s specialty. A lot of theories that we put forth for the second half of the season (i.e., Capshaw, gold card, illicit romance, prison break) seem to be coming true — it almost feels too easy.

With all of the craziness we just witnessed, we’ll have to tune in to find out just what is going down in these clips. Prodigal Son returns with the spring premiere “Ouroboros” next Tuesday, April 13 at 9 p.m. ET/8 p.m. CT on FOX.

As always, stay tuned for more updates and make sure to check out all of our Prodigal Son coverage, including our podcast where you can hear some in depth theorizing about what’s coming up. See you soon, Prodigies!

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