Ruth Connell Adds More Tickets to StageIt Show for January 30

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Courtesy of staff photographer Liz Larson

Ruth Connell, the amazing interpret of our favorite Queen of Hell Rowena on Supernatural, is back for her first Stageit show of 2021. And after tickets sold out, she has added another round! The show is set to take place on January 30 at 12 p.m. PST and is described as follows:

Fancy some January ZING!

Do you need 45 minutes of PURE DAFTNESS?!

Find it here with moi – I have literally no idea what will happen but it will be silly and it will be fun and I have some sweet giveaways…

Looking forward to catching up with everyone and bringing some much needed levity.

The year not quite lifting off how you’d imagined – well there will be some much needed warmth and nice, pleasant, bizzarity here.

See ya’ll soon!

Ruth was a bit mysterious about the rewards, so tune in on January 30 to know more about them:

…jewels in fact! NO LIE!

I have BLING to distribute.

The Q+A will be random and Liz will be helping me assign the rewards this time to help my brain from overheating.

Check out her announcement on Twitter:

Tickets for the show are available here and are “Pay what you can.” Fans can also request rides from other attendees.

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