Recap: It’s a Dysfunctional Family Reunion in ‘The Umbrella Academy’ Season 2, Episode 6: “A Light Supper”

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The siblings are back together again and have received an invitation to a light supper from their father, Sir Reginald Hargreeves. Can they get him onboard to help save the world? Or maybe figure out what he’s doing to cause it? Intentions are a bit fuzzy …

Back to the day Allison arrived in the 60s, she’s running from three white men chasing her, and she finds refuge in a hair salon. The owner and patrons come to her aid, calming her as she’s reeling from the sudden upheaval of her life … and the cold reality of segregation of the 60s. She takes a job at the salon, and one day Ray comes in to hold a meeting. At Christmas that year, Ray stays behind to ask her to dinner, she accepts, her voice still damaged from her injury at the hands of Vanya.

Five still has Lila under his shiny oxford shoe, calling The Handler out for using his brother to gain access. He allows her up after finding out that she’s The Handler’s daughter. The Handler has an offer for Five, assassinate the Board of Directors of the Temps Commission and she’ll get Five and his siblings back to 2019 where they belong. She also confirms that they are the cause of this upcoming Apocalypse. I mean we knew it, but, I guess confirmation is nice. She also tacks on that the 2019 Apocalypse, that’ll be gone, too, and Five and the rest of the Umbrella Academy can live in peace, away from Apocalypses and even the Temps Commission, since she’ll be in charge. One small problem, no one knows who the Board of Directors for the Temps Commission, however they will be meeting soon and she knows when and where. Five needs some time, teaming up with The Handler tends to not work out well for anyone … ever.

Luther and Diego are still stewing over the invite from their father at Elliott’s, this time with Vanya who agrees with Diego that they should go. Luther details the horrible things Reginald had done to Vanya growing up (you know, isolating her, keeping her powers suppressed with meds, convincing her she had no powers at all making her feel left out among her superpowered siblings …). Diego says they’re going in with a united front, no more Number 1, Number 2 … they’re Team Zero. Luther and Vanya aren’t quite on board being called Team Zero, though.

Things are still rough going for Klaus, who still hasn’t broken up with his cult band of loyal followers. Ben reminds him sometimes things like this go very wrong, but don’t worry, Klaus doesn’t keep Kool-Aid in the house. It’s going to be fine. Okay maybe not, he’s about to just tell them the world is ending and they’re about to die. But in a strange turn of events, he admits to being a fraud. “I’m not a guru, I’m not a Messiah, I’m a … a fraud!” It doesn’t go as planned. His entire following also admits to being frauds, and he’s right back where he started.

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Well, it’s nice to see Ray happy? Allison has just told him about Barack Obama, and he’s thrilled. Allison has also admitted to having powers, and he believes her, but she can’t pull herself tell Ray the world is ending in 10 days. Baby steps. He wants her to prove her powers, and she’s hesitant, and oh, he doesn’t really believe her … not yet. They head out to a tailor shop, and Ray is refused service, until Allison hears a rumor that Ray can try on anything in the store. They are then given the full treatment, as is Allison when she heads in to buy a snappy new dress. He asks her why she doesn’t do this all the time, especially in regards to the civil rights movement, and then they pass the diner they’d been arrested at days before.

Allison is furious, and heads in and takes a seat at the counter she’d been harassed at, sitting before the same man who spilled coffee on her. At her bidding, the owner’s mouth is quite literally glued shut. And she gets served. However, her anger gets the better of her and she forces the man to fill the cup to the point of overflowing, to where his hand is being burned by the hot coffee spilling out. Ray breaks her out of her rage-fueled trance, and they go home.

Bingo Blitz with Lila and The Handler! Lila is a little upset that her mother is choosing Five for this very important assassination over her. Oh, has Lila gone a little soft for Diego? Her mother seems to think so. B9 … BINGO!!!

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Well, that was weird. Ben, instead of tackling Klaus for another of their classic ghost/human bouts, manages to get inside of his medium brother, giving Klaus quite the shock, and chills. All this right before David is brought into the room (by Ben’s mortal crush, Jill).

Suddenly, Ray has some concerns about Allison’s powers — he’s wondering if she used them on him? And if she did, would he even know? They’re distracted by an envelope on the floor. Allison has also received an invite to the light supper that night with her father.

Back at Klaus’, him and David are chatting, and Dave is curious how Klaus knows what he knows about him, which is basically everything. Klaus, of course, pulls the prophet card. And when it comes to this maybe he isn’t entirely wrong? Klaus tells him he dies in combat, and Dave doesn’t believe him, until Klaus gives him the dog tags he’ll wear a few years later on that very day. Then the bombshell is dropped, and another alternate timeline is created, Dave has enlisted early. After seeing Klaus at the diner, his uncle forced him to go down and enlist right then and there. Moments later, a very distraught Klaus receives an envelope, no doubt containing his invite from Sir Reginald Hargreeves.

The Swedes, what remains of them, are meeting with The Handler, and they speak! The Handler tells them Diego was responsible for their brother’s, and that she’ll give them his exact location. She wants Diego out of Lila’s life.

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Five is the first to arrive for the event, followed by the rest of his siblings. Reginald arrives with fervor. He wants to know why they all keep calling him “dad.” Five tells him that in 1989 he adopts them all, Reggie wonders why, and Five tells him they all have special abilities. After a quick demonstration from everyone, Reggie breaks Diego’s heart … again. (Honestly, we can’t take it anymore.) Five warns his father about the upcoming Apocalypse, and his father tells them they’re the special ones, they deal with it. And Ben tries to by attempting to possess Klaus. It doesn’t really work out …

Well, that went about as well as it could, everyone but Five — who went off to have a word with Reginald — gets back outside. Grace is waiting in the car for Reggie, and Diego confronts her and tells her about Reginald’s plan to kill Kennedy. She doesn’t believe him, or does she? Sissy is also waiting for Vanya.

Reginald won’t help Five or the siblings with the Apocalypse, but he does give him some potentially useful advice involving Five’s ability to time travel. Don’t span decades, try seconds … a lot can change in a matter of seconds.

Who is that lurking in Elliott’s house? Oh no, it’s The Swedes, they’re looking for Diego. And now they’re pulling his teeth out … not Elliott!

Sissy tells Vanya she wants nothing more than a life with her, but they can’t. But Vanya convinces her she can protect her, that they’ll be safe. And Sissy agrees. She wants to run away with her, but Carl can’t find out. One snag, Carl is already onto them and their secret, and he’s watching them from a distance inside Sissy’s car.

Our first big casualty of season 2 has occurred, found by Diego and Luther in his house. Rest in peace, Elliott. We will miss you dearly. Written in his blood on the floor, Öga För Öga.

Looks like Five is running out of options. He accepts The Handler’s deal to take out the Board of Directors in exchange for him and his family’s safety.

NOT ELLIOTT! But, does Lila maybe have a soft spot for Diego still? Carl might be about to bite off more than he can chew getting Sissy away from Vanya … a lot more. And is Five actually going to trust The Handler again? The second season of The Umbrella Academy is winding up as we get closer and closer to Doomsday and the finale. All 10 episodes are currently streaming on Netflix.

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