Recap: It’s A Rough Day for Everyone in ‘The Umbrella Academy’ Season 2, Episode 4: “The Majestic 12”

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Well, episode 3 brought us some moments. Luther’s heart broke as he learned Allison was married, Vanya had to leave Sissy and her son behind, Klaus met up with David, and Allison has potentially lost Ray. Not to mention Lila may be betraying us. Vanya and Five are together and are bound to reunite with Diego soon. Klaus and Allison are reunited as well. Our group is slowly finding their way back to one another, but will it be in time?

London, England 1993. The Handler has sicced the Temps Commission on a family, killing them in their living rooms. She finds a child hiding — Lila — and she takes her. A montage of Lila’s life (and training) ensues, combat, languages, prom (where she kills her date) … you know that perfect, normal family stuff.

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So, turns out, The Handler has sent Lila to protect Five. Sounds a bit fishy but okay … and cue all of our hearts breaking when we learn she really isn’t into Diego. She tells her “mom” about three blond guys who almost thwarted their escape from the mental hospital. Of course The Handler knows them, she sent them. Her finals words to Lila before heading to bed, “protect Number Five at all costs.”

Thoughts of Allison are still haunting Luther, Vanya waking him from his nightmares in the hotel room where he lives. He tells her that she started the Apocalypse, a detail that Five had shockingly left out of his retelling of prior events to her the day before. Jack Ruby bursts in furious at Luther for throwing the fight, he’s now out a ton of money. As a result, Luther and Jack are done, and Luther isn’t happy about it. Vanya takes off back to the farm, refusing to help fight the Apocalypse, and Five is not pleased.

Klaus is with Allison at her house as she calls around to try and find her missing husband. He didn’t come home last night. Klaus reminds us all that he isn’t a morning person …

Back at Elliott’s, Lila and Five are back with Diego still trying to figure out how they can fix this whole disaster, and find their dad. Five pulls out the gala invite he found at the D.S. Umbrella Manufacturing Company, saying Dad will be there tonight. Elliott knows the name on the invite; he’s one of the Majestic 12.

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The Majestic 12, a secret committee of scientists, military, and deep state — they’re a shadow government. Kennedy has been the first president trying to expose them. Elliott pulls out a photo of the group, one is missing, still unidentified. Diego and Five share a knowing look, the twelfth member has to be their father.

The farm welcomes Vanya home, Sissy most of all as she embraces her immediately.

Oh, Klaus. He’s back “not stalking” young David. This time, he finds him at a diner having breakfast with his dad. Klaus comes on a little heavy, to no one’s shock, by telling Dave he knows he wants to join the military and details the Vietnam War (which has not happened yet). Well, it turns out the family member David is with is a little bit homophobic, and he pressures David into punching Klaus in the face. Klaus is very upset by this turn of events.

Things aren’t going great for Allison either. She finds Ray at the hair salon holding a meeting without her. Ray sees nothing wrong with not telling Allison where he’d been, and it turns out he thinks she’s a mole. He thinks she was sent to thwart his civil rights mission from the moment he laid eyes on her. She can’t pull herself to tell him the truth about herself and her powers.

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Klaus throws in the towel on his three years of sobriety, and when he gets home with his liquor store scores, he finds his loyal followers ready and waiting for more of his wisdom inside his house. And he runs (throwing his bag of booze out on his way).

Diego, Lila, and Five are ready to infiltrate the gala. Five isn’t buying into Lila, Diego may be falling for her kindhearted, helpful gestures and assistance, but he isn’t.

It’s finally happened. Allison and Luther are reunited. She finds him eating at a picnic table and pulls him into a tight embrace as  soon as she is close enough, the world spinning only for them for a moment. However, when the conversation starts it is a-w-k-w-a-r-d. But they warm up quickly, jumping right back into that ease they’ve always had. They update each other on the whereabouts of the other siblings, and then Luther tells her they’ve done it again, the Apocalypse is coming … again, in seven days. Whoops.

A lover’s quarrel (except not really) begins between Lila and Diego. He knows she left last night and wants to know where she went. She lies, telling him she went to get some goo for his wound, before quickly pulling him off to dance. Basically, our hearts are breaking for Diego already.

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And they break even more as Diego spots Mom a.k.a Grace from across the room. Except this is Mom before she was an android. She’s actually “Reggie’s” date for the evening, which is a bit unsettling.

The Swedes are here, too. This is bound to end really well.

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Back at the farm, Harlan (Sissy’s special needs son) takes off when he hears that Vanya may be leaving again and he’s fallen into a lake. Using her powers, Vanya shifts the water, revealing him lying lifeless on the ground. She grabs him, trying her hardest to resuscitate him, failing until a few beads of light transfer from Vanya to Harlan, life surging through him once again. Sissy saw none of it, running to the pair as Harlan begins to breathe.

Luther’s bad day is just getting worse. He’s lost his room. He’s got ’til three to get out. Where does he go? Elliott’s, looking for Five. Five and Diego are of course at the Gala, leaving Elliott and Luther alone.

We totally knew it, Sissy and Vanya are a match made in literal heaven. They finally kiss after all their longing glances and lingering hand-holding and honestly, this is what Vanya deserves. Although, it would be naive to think nothing will go wrong, we’ll live in this happy bubble for awhile, just like Vanya.

A very drunk Klaus arrives back to Allison’s. She’s less than impressed. At least he seems to have lost his hoard of adoring fans.

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Really, boys? Nitrous gas? Well, at least Luther is laughing, and we learn Elliott’s father was a dentist and left him tanks of the stuff in his will. Thanks, Dad? Turns out sharing the worst things that have ever happened to you is way better with a bit of laughing gas on the side.

Five has stumbled upon a meeting of the Majestic 12. And Sir Reginald Hargreeves is present. Of course, Reggie is no idiot and senses Five right away, who teleports out of his hiding spot and right to The Swedes in the hall outside. Diego finds his brother being pummeled by one, and then meets up with a few Swedes of his own. Lila arrives, unsure of whether to save Five or Diego. Her mother’s voice sounds in her head and she heads for Five first, showing off some of that training from her childhood. Diego is left with the leader of the Swedes as Lila heads off to follow Five, and he takes him out using what seems to be little effort.

Catching up to his father, Five speaks in another language to get his attention, and Reginald seems to recognize what he says before driving off.

We’re waiting for the inevitable heartbreak of Lila’s betrayal (although we hope we’re wrong), Vanya and Sissy gave us something to love, and Klaus is spiraling back to the chaotic mess of a man we know and adore. Luther is reuniting with Five and Diego. Can they get the rest of the siblings on board before the Apocalypse hits? All 10 episodes of The Umbrella Academy season 2 are currently streaming on Netflix.

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