Tuesday, December 6, 2022

‘The Avengers’ Arrive with New Big Finish Audio Stories!

CELEBRITIES'The Avengers' Arrive with New Big Finish Audio Stories!

From Big Finish, most known as your destination for Doctor Who audio content, comes four all new stories of The Avengers. The audio stories are full-cast adventures and adaptations of the comic strips originally published in TV Comic. They star Julian Wadham as John Steed, Olivia Poulet as his ever trusty sidekick, Mrs. Emma Peel, Paul Putner, Jeany Spark, Jessica Martin, Corrinne Wicks, and many others.

The four missions in the collectible set are as follows:

“Listen Hear” — written by Robert Kahan and Tom Salinsky

“An agent has been lost at sea shortly after getting hold of a revolutionary new device that the Ministry are very keen to acquire. Steed and Peel are sent to retrieve it, but the enemy agents on their trail are the least of their worries. Someone has been listening to their every move, but who?”

“The Clown Has Two Faces” — written by Dan Starkey

“Top secret plans have been stolen and all signs point to a traveling circus. After infiltrating, Steed and Peel find themselves in the middle of a deadly plot. When you taken on clowns, can you be certain of having the last laugh?”

“White Heat” — written by Gemma Langford

“Fireballs are descending upon London and a ransom is demanded. Steed and Peel rely on their only lead – an agent badly injured in a similar attack, to lead them to the person responsible. With her help, they might just have a chance to stop the destruction, if not, they soon will witness the second great fire of London!”

“Now You See Him” — written by John Dorney

“Scientists are defecting and no-one is sure how or why. With their quarries disappearing on the street, Steed and Peel are baffled. Surely a night out at the theater can not provide the solution?”

The Avengers: The Comic Strip Adaptations Volume 4: Steed & Mrs. Peel is available now to own as a collector’s edition or digital download direct from Big Finish.

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