18 Reasons ‘Prodigal Son’ Needs a Season Two

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Prodigal Son took the crime genre by storm when it premiered on Fox last fall. From the second Malcolm Bright stepped onto our screens, we knew this would be an entirely new form of crime drama and the show didn’t disappoint. We’ve seen a lot of crime shows, but nothing quite like Prodigal Son, which perfectly marries sensational murders and family drama via the Whitlys and we can’t get enough of it! With the season finale now behind us, it’s a waiting game to see if Fox will renew the show. In the meantime we’ve highlighted some of the reasons we need a second season like Malcolm needs to solve murders.

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Reason #1: Ainsley as the Prodigal Daughter

For the past 20 episodes, Prodigal Son has set up the family dynamic of the Whitlys. Malcolm is the “crazy” son who everyone secretly thinks might turn out to be just like his serial killer father. Ainsley is the dutiful daughter, too young to be affected by her father’s misdeeds and a successful reporter who demonstrates that at least one Whitly is sane. But in the finale, this dynamic is revealed to be a false one as Ainsley becomes the prodigal daughter by killing Nicholas Endicott. In the end, Ainsley is her father’s daughter after all, while Malcolm proves himself to be out from under his father’s shadow. How will Ainsley’s story continue after that shocking finale? It’s just one of the many reasons we need a season two.

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Reason #2: Maldrisa

One of the questions fans have been asking throughout the season is “Will Malcolm and Edrisa ever actually go out?” It’s clear to fans, and the characters, that they have feelings for each other. It’s been one of those “Will they, won’t they?” relationships in the show, and there’s chemistry between not only the characters themselves but also Tom Payne and Keiko Agena. One of the strongest friendships in the show is Maldrisa and solidifying that even further to having that relationship blossom into something more is what fans are craving. The subtle hints and gestures that both Malcolm and Edrisa have done, whether it’s a hug or holding hands without even realizing it when investigating something, hints that they belong together and could be perfect for each other. How would we ever go on with ourselves without knowing whether or not Maldrisa happens for real?

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Reason #3: Martin and Ainsley’s Father Daughter Bonding

It’s safe to say that Ainsley Whitly was never much of a “daddy’s girl,” always keeping her father at arm’s length and insisting that his actions did not affect her ability to live a normal life. But as the season progressed and Ainsley interacted with the father she barely knew growing up, it became clear the two shared similar instincts. When Ainsley murdered Nicholas, she proved that Martin is the parent she takes after, whether she wants that connection or not. Now that the deed is done and Martin sees which of his children truly has the ability to follow in his footsteps, will he take steps to bond with Ainsley as he did with Malcolm? Will Ainsley take Malcolm’s place in Martin’s heart (especially after Martin proudly called her “my girl” when he learned of her killing Endicott)? And will Ainsley accept this link and try to learn more about her own mind by talking with Martin?

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Reason #4: Gil and Jessica’s Relationship

Season one has hinted at the affections between Gil and Jessica running deeper than just friendship, but the timing always seems to be off for these two. With Gil’s near death experience at the hands of her (ex)boyfriend, will Jessica and Gil finally take their relationship to the next step? We suspect that might be the case and we need to know! After Martin and now Nicholas, Jessica deserves someone reliable and loving like Gil. Season two could be the chance for these two!

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Reason #5: Martin Adjusting To Normal Prison Life

For the majority of the season, Martin has been locked up in his own luxury “solitary” cell. But towards the end, he’s moved general population with the other inmates, but how is that actually working out for him? In the season finale, a riot broke out and Martin was just standing there, taking it all in. Will this change things? His plan worked, but at what cost? What will happen after the riot? Will Martin break out for good or stay? We need to know the impact of this and we need to know it now.

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Reason #6: Malcolm Finding Closure About His Father’s Victims … Or Not

Malcolm has suffered severely in his lifetime due to his father’s actions and it has left a lasting impression on him. He has night terrors, hallucinations, tremors, and more. Malcolm constantly feels responsible for not saving more of his father’s victims. It’s a guilt Malcolm carries with him and it drives him to solve cases. He needs to solve murders because he can do what he couldn’t do with the victims of The Surgeon: save them. In season two, we hope that Malcolm learns to forgive himself and he finds peace.

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Reason #7: The Already Excellent Writing Can Only Get Better

Prodigies have already seen the amazing work of the writers in season one. They kept fans guessing all season long to an epic finale that sent shockwaves through the characters’ lives and the show’s fans. The writers’ harmonious content mixes witty one-liners with those serious heartfelt moments that makes fans feel all warm and fuzzy inside. They make it realistic so Prodigies are able to connect with it and it’s part of the reason fans keep coming back for more each week. What else do the writers have in their bag of tricks? We sure want to find out.

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Reason #8: The Dream Team Cracking More Cases Together

At the heart of the show is the Whitlys and the crime solving NYPD team, and we can’t get enough of both. We are not ready to say goodbye to our murder solving dream team. The chemistry between Gil, Dani, JT, and Malcolm is one rarely found on television and their witty teasing and masterful skill at solving unusual crimes is a breath of fresh air. Just when you think you know what they will do, they shock you in the best way and we need another season stat!

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Reason #9: What Is JT’s Name?

A running joke started early in the season was Malcolm (and Prodigies) trying to guess what JT’s full name is. We’ve heard a variety of guesses but we have yet to see Malcolm actually guess correctly. If JT tries to say no to a correct answer, will Malcolm know he’s lying? We’d bet so, but we need to see it happen!

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Reason #10: Martin’s Origin Story

Martin Whitly is easily the show’s biggest enigma. Although we know a lot about his present state of mind and even a little about his past killings, we don’t know nearly as much about his past. What was his childhood like? How did he begin killing? And when did he become The Surgeon? Martin’s past is mostly a mystery to us even as we watch Malcolm try to understand him. The creators of the show have teased that we may not know about all of Martin’s victims yet, and this could be an interesting hint about what to expect if the show gets renewed. Martin’s origin story remains something that must be explored in a second season.

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Reason #11: Dani and Malcolm’s Friendship … And Something More?

Throughout season one, we saw Malcolm and Dani grow closer in cute, intimate moments that made them better friends and a better team. Is there something more under the surface? They both have a way of getting through to one another and being a friend the other can trust. Dani held Malcolm in the precinct when he was having a night terror and watched over him while he was coming off his high. Malcolm was holding Dani’s hand in the hospital while Gil was in surgery and Malcolm believed Dani when no one else did. We hope we have more intimate moments between this duo to satisfy Brightwell fans in season two.

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Reason #12: Jessica’s Reaction To It All

Jessica Whitly has tried desperately to shield her children from the horror that is their father The Surgeon. His actions left the family in shambles and she has done her best to pick up the pieces. Ainsley, who really wasn’t around Martin as a child, has just committed an act that makes The Surgeon’s murders look like child’s play. Ainsley never showed any repercussions from Martin but, maybe there were hints all season long that she would turn out to be her father’s daughter. The season finale ended with Jessica at the hospital with Gil but, what will happen? How will Jessica see Ainsley now? Will she blame herself? We’re curious to see the new Whitly dynamic in season two.


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Reason #13: Ainsley’s Reporter Side

While Ainsley always does what was necessary to get to the bottom of a story, was part of that just her own behavior inherited from her father? That the ends justify the means? She did after all watch her boyfriend and cameraman nearly die in front of her and recorded it all for the sake of documentation. Or will this determination of hers to survive lead to more dire circumstances in her career? Lastly, will she be able to keep her professionalism intact now that she has killed Nicholas Endicott? We need a season two and more of Ainsley, our prodigal daughter.


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Reason #14: How Will Malcolm Deal With No Longer Being Martin’s Focus?

From the beginning of the series, Malcolm and Martin have had an interesting dynamic. Like most of the people around him, Martin assumed that Malcolm would be the one to take up his mantle someday. As such, he doted on Malcolm, calling him “my boy” and even taking him on a fun father/son bonding murder trip back in the day (you know, like most fathers do.) Although Malcolm is often repulsed by Martin’s attempts to connect with him, they have a bond that is addicting to them both. Now that Ainsley has fulfilled the task Martin thought would be Malcolm’s destiny, how will the relationship between Martin and Malcolm be affected? And how will Malcolm deal with such a major shift within the Whitly family?

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Reason #15: We Need More Turtlenecks and White Suits

Have you seen Malcolm and Gil in their respective outfits? Need we say more?


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Reason #16: The Aftermath of Endicott’s Murder

Prodigies were SHOOK to their core in the last five minutes of Prodigal Son season one finale. We never expected the “well adjusted Whitly” to be the one to murder the wicked Nicholas Endicott. It was so violent that it even shocked Ainsley herself. How will Ainsley recover? Will Malcolm take the fall for her? Will Martin take her under his wing? What will their mother think? So many questions and only one answer: season two.


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Reason #17: Will Malcolm Beat That Murder Charge?

The second-to-last episode of the season ended on a very surprising note: Malcolm was charged for a murder he didn’t commit. All signs and evidence pointed to him, and even Edrisa, though disappointed, can’t help but believe the evidence. Malcolm was on house arrest in the finale (even though that didn’t last very long when he managed to get the ankle bracelet off) but the question still remains: will he be free of the murder charge? Malcolm is definitely (we hope) not capable of murder. Will this charge change after what Ainsley has done? Or will both siblings be charged with murder, with one being wrongly convicted? Surely if season two is announced, there’s no doubt that this storyline would be explored and explained within the first few episodes. But until then, it remains a mystery.


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Reason #18: Is That The Last We’ll See of The Girl in the Box?

Some murders are not meant to be solved, and that is the case of Eddie’s murder. Sophie was given only four days with her sister before that was taken away by Endicott’s orders. Malcolm lets her go as an act of forgiveness for not being able to save her when he was a child. Will she come back and help in his defense to beat this murder charge, or to testify that Endicott was behind all of it so that they are both free? Only season two can tell us.

There you have it, 18 rock solid reasons we *need* a season two of Prodigal Son. There are so many directions for the plot to go, amazing one-liners yet to be said, and the all-star cast are sure to deliver an even bigger season two. We hope a season two pick up is just around the corner, but until then we will be rewatching the entire first season on Hulu or Fox Now!

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