Goin’ Straight…to Bed: Nerds Share Their Favorite Comfort Items

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Courtesy of Staff Photographer, Anna.

It’s safe to say now more than ever, people are seeking out comfort and a little escape from reality. We’re over and done with the news and just really tired of singing the blues. We don’t even have time for friends to come by in this era of social isolation. So, what do we do? Do we make friends with the things we have on our (mirrored) shelves? Do we make fools of ourselves in our empty homes? Well, maybe.

But we also turn to our “comfort items”, which range from music to books to blankets to food and everything in between. For example, Some might find comfort at the bottom of a bottle of Southern Comfort or other beverage of choice (we’re not here to judge) or making a wish on a penny as they throw it into a handmade wishing well they can use from the comfort of their own home, because who can risk going to find one in the wild in times like these? Not us. Inspired by this, several Nerds and Beyond staff members decided to share their favorite things for a cozy night (or day) in bed.

Sarah R: So I’m cheating a little bit and have two. The first is my Louden Swain shirt quilt, which I commissioned from our staff photographer Liz Larson. This thing has literally become my security blanket, as I always feel so calm and cozy when I’m wrapped up in it. The quilt even has a slight weighted blanket effect, especially when combined with other blankets I have on my bed. The second is my stuffed Toothless, which my mom and I (but mostly her) sewed together just over nine years ago. I sleep holding him every night and he comes with me on nearly every trip I take, even if luggage space is limited. Both of these together make for a super comforting and cozy bed.

Amanda S: I have this red Christmas blanket with little white reindeer of different sizes that I absolutely HAVE to have in my bed. It honestly doesn’t even need to be over me, it could just be balled up on the edge of the bed. It’s one of the only things I distinctly remember getting for Christmas when I was about six so I formed a pretty significant emotional attachment to it. I love that blanket, it’s still super soft even after 14 years!

Suzette: My favorite comfort item is a mug that I use for hot beverages. There is nothing better than some nice warm tea or hot cocoa to help me relax. I received the mug from my daughter one Christmas and I absolutely love to use it.

Courtesy of Suzette

Adrienne: I usually fall asleep fairly easy, thanks to a few different things that brings me comfort. I always sleep with my purple body pillow I got for Christmas one year. I can’t remember what year I got it but It’s the most comfortable pillow ever and I sleep so well when I have it.

Emma: The item I chose is my Chuck pillow. I love it because he’s so soft and his hair is so fluffy. I can just run my hands through it when I have an anxiety attack and it helps calm me. I got him from Atomic Bombshells at the Vegas Supernatural Convention in March 2020.

Courtesy of Emma

Kailey: One thing that can put me in the comfy mood is my weighted blanket. I received it as a present from my mom for Christmas because she knows that I struggle with anxiety. When I lay down with it, I feel like I’m being hugged. The blanket doesn’t work for everyone but it makes me feel heavy and relaxed. I can be in bed all day long because of that blanket. It’s a blessing.

What are some of your favorite comfort items? Share them with us below!

(And Happy April Fools Day.)

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