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Saban Films Announces ‘We Summon the Darkness’ Starring Johnny Knoxville

MOVIESSaban Films Announces 'We Summon the Darkness' Starring Johnny Knoxville

Exciting news movie goers! If you’ve been looking for that next thriller to watch then keep on reading!

Courtesy of Saban Films

Saban Films, who brought you such films like Tom Vaughan’s Kind of Beautiful, Wayne Robert’s The Professor, and of course Kevin Smith’s Jay and Silent Bob: Reboot brings us its newest trailer for new thriller We Summon the Darkness.

We Summon the Darkness comes to theaters and on demand April 10, 2020. The movie stars Alexandra Daddario, Amy Forsyth, and Maddie Hasson as three friends Alexis, Bev, and Val. We Summon the Darkness also has appearances by stars like Johnny Knoxville from the Jackass franchise as Pastor John Henry Butler, Keean Johnson from Atila plays the role of Mark, Escape Room star Logan Miller appears as the role of Kovacs, and Cover Versions star Austin Swift appears as Ivan.

Courtesy of Saban Films
Courtesy of Saban Films
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Marc Meyers is set to direct alongside Alan Trezza, who will be producing this film. The runtime is roughly 90 minutes with an R rating. The official synopsis states:

On the way to a heavy metal concert, Alexis (Alexandra Daddario) and two girlfriends hear a news report of a local murder believed to be tied to a series of satanic killings. After the show, the girls invite three guys to join them at the estate owned by Alexis’s father, a fire-and-brimstone preacher (Johnny Knoxville). What starts as a party suddenly turns dark and deadly in this devilishly entertaining thriller.

Watch the trailer below.


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