Monday, December 6, 2021

WATCH: Interview with Jason Manns at Rockwood Music Festival [EXCLUSIVE]

Photographed exclusively for Nerds and Beyond by Mandi, Staff Photographer

Next in our series of exclusive interviews is the one and only Jason Manns. Jason has been part of the “Rockwood family” for a long time. He played his first concert in Germany almost ten years ago and has since then been working closely with Rockwood owner and manager Sabine Eickmann. Jason, Sabine and her team have been putting on the Rockwood Music Festival for five years now, and it has grown every year since then.

In his interview, Jason Manns talks about his own history with Rockwood, the German and European fans, and most importantly about working with all the different artists who have been part of the festival for so many years. Watch our interview to see Jason’s passion about this event and hear about some of his favorite moments and collaborations!

See the interview below!

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